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Since its inception more than a decade ago, WhoAPI employees, partners, and freelancers conducted several research studies. When we published our research results in the past years, we would do it on our blog. This has worked well in the past, but our blog also has interviews, industry news, company updates, and other articles. Our research results often include hundreds of hours from programmers, designers, and other specialists. Because of this, we feel that this content deserves a special place on our website. One which readers will find easily. At WhoAPI we love to do unbiased, self-funded research. We do it with our APIs, and by doing so, we let our products speak for themselves.

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Our blog

All of our research is published on our blog. You can also find various interviews, industry news, company updates, and other interesting articles. In case you don’t want to miss the in the future, sign up for our monthly newsletter. icon

Research on four-letter .com domain names

Back in December 2013, we used our Domain Availability API to check all the combinations for four-letter .com domains. We found that all 456,976 four-letter .com domain names were registered. icon

Four-letter .net domain names research

Similar to our four-letter .com research, we asked if there any four-letter .net domain names available for registration? You can find the answer in our next research.

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Infographic on top 1000 websites

In this research, we decided to display our findings in an infographic. We used several of our APIs at the time to check domain expiration dates, presence of SSL certificates, domain registrar popularity, and other data.

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Top 1000 .me domain names

Like the 1000 top domain names infographic, we created a similar infographic with the most popular .me websites. These include domain length, SSL presence, domain age and so on.

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Expired domain names

Do popular domain names expire? Off course they do! We were the first to create and update the list of the most popular domain name expirations. This research also includes top reasons why unintentional domain expiration happen and how to prevent them. icon

Numeric .com domains

Are there any numeric .com domains available? All the NN .com and NNN .com are registered, but what about 5N .com domain names and 6N .com domain names? In this research we checked more than 1 million domain names.

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Popular business email solutions

Do Fortune 5000 companies install professional email hosting solutions such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365? This research reveals that, but also the popularity of services for cybersecurity, spam protection, and general email protection solutions.

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New research?

Would you like to hire our team to do custom research? We can turn boring data into fascinating content for your website (articles, white papers, infographics) that can be used for your customer acquisition channels.

Important Notice

Please read the API documentation before you start using our APIs in production.
The API key used in these examples is for demonstrative purposes and can be used only to check the domain name!