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Infographic top 1000 websites

Back in December 2013, we conducted research that confirmed we are out of 4 letter .com domains. More than 30,000 people from around the world read it right here on our blog. We can only imagine how many people read it elsewhere. Then last year in June we compiled a list of major domain expirations, it reached almost 6,000 people just on our blog. We thought it was about time we do another research that will hopefully be worthy of your attention. That’s why today we are proud to show you the infographic top 1000 websites.

So without further ado, I am honored to present you a result of such a gifted team of people – Diana Hlevnjak, Branimir Grabovac, Eduardo Arias and of course, our Whois API.

Video intro to the infographic top 1000 websites

To view the infographic in full size, click on the image below. If you thought that this infographic was helpful, fun or interesting, please like or share this post on social media. By doing this, you support the hard work we did by creating this infographic. We discovered some truly remarkable information! For example, SSL certificates aren’t as common as they should be. and were about to expire. There are popular short and long domain names. We noticed that the majority of the list still trusts the .com. Domains with numbers aren’t that popular. And a host of other information.

Why Infographic?

This is our first infographic, so why create one? We thought that infographics are the best way of showing data. They are easier to read, fun to share and you can include them in your powerpoint presentations. We gave extra effort to show this data in a very compelling way (graphics), and we hope that you like that as well.

Infographic: Top 1000 websites

Infographic: Mind Blowing Domain Data for the Top 1,000 Websites

Infographic: Mind Blowing Domain Data for the Top 1,000 Websites

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