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Our APIs transform raw domain data into machine readable outputs. Click on the API for a more detailed view, with instructions on how to use the function and the output.

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API Documentation

Our APIs are RESTful based APIs. Communication is made through a normal HTTP requests. Requests are made as strings using HTTP GET method. All outputs are provided as a JSON formatted response. Give us a try!

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Whois API

Structured and parsed raw WHOIS data in XML or JSON output. We have invested tens of thousands of hours and dollars into building our parsed whois API in JSON and XML. You can get access for a fraction of the cost.

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Domain Availability API

Build a brand new domain checker or enhance your own tool with our domain availability API. Fast, robust and affordable! It doesn’t matter if you are coding in JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java or any other programming language.

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Domain Score API

Our very own domain name reputation score, for any domain name in the world. We are great at detecting risky domains, or very reputable domains. Built with a one of a kind algorithm.

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Email Blacklist API

Status of the domain name and its IP address on all the popular email blacklists. Check with a single API request, live results (no cache)! Spamhaus, BarracudaCentral, Surbl, Sorbs, Spamcop, Abuseat.

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Screenshot API

Our advanced bulk website screenshot API will blow you away! It has features that will satisfy the most skilled developers. We know because they asked us to make those features.

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With our SSL API you can check the certificates of any domain name in the world and see it’s expiry date. It works for both free and paid SSL certificates.

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Email Score API

Reputation score for any email address. Much like Domain Score API, Email Score API is the result of our unique algorithm where rate any email address in the world. Free email service detection included.

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New API?

Do you think we should build another API and add it to the list?

Important Notice

Please read the API documentation before you start using our APIs in production.
The API key used in these examples is for demonstrative purposes and can be used only to check the domain name whoapi.com!