Our research on numeric .com domains

In the past we’ve done several research studies with our APIs, so we decided to do another one. We wanted to check if there are any numeric .com domain names that are available for registration.

List of older research studies.

What is a numeric domain name?

A numeric domain name (also known as NDN) is a domain name that consists only of numbers. Naturally, the TLD (top level domain) remains with letters such as .com, .net, and so on. All domain extensions support numeric domain names. You could register 123.com and also 123.net, 123.co and so on. Since .com TLD is the most popular, we decided to limit our research only on that domain extension.

Are there any 2N.com domain names available

I suppose you can guess without checking that there are no 2N.com domain names available for registration. There’s really not that many of them, and they are worth a lot. In fact, there’s so few of them that we can list them all very quickly:

00.com, 01.com, 02.com, 03.com, 04.com 05.com, 06.com, 07.com, 08.com, 09.com, 10.com, 11.com, 12.com, 13.com, 14.com, 15.com, 16.com, 17.com, 18.com, 19.com, 20.com, 21.com, 22.com, 23.com, 24.com, 25.com, 26.com, 27.com, 28.com, 29.com, 30.com, 31.com, 32.com, 33.com, 34.com, 35.com, 36.com, 37.com, 38.com, 39.com, 40.com, 41.com, 42.com, 43.com, 44.com, 45.com, 46.com, 47.com, 48.com, 49.com, 50.com, 51.com, 52.com, 53.com, 54.com, 55.com, 56.com, 57.com, 58.com, 59.com, 60.com, 61.com, 62.com, 63.com, 64.com, 65.com, 66.com, 67.com, 68.com, 69.com, 70.com, 71.com, 72.com, 73.com, 74.com, 75.com, 76.com, 77.com, 78.com, 79.com, 80.com, 81.com, 82.com, 83.com, 84.com, 85.com, 86.com, 87.com, 88.com, 89.com, 90.com, 91.com, 92.com, 93.com, 94.com, 95.com, 96.com, 97.com, 98.com, 99.com.

That’s it, all one hundred 2N .com domain names are registered.

What about 3N.com domain names?

Well, if you have been around the domain investing for a number of years, you know that the 3N.com domain names are also all registered. No need to list them as well, but just to keep everybody informed, and to confirm what we checked with our Domain Availability API here’s a quick summary.

We checked all the .com domain names that have 3 digits in them.




All the way to…




And yes, all these domain names are registered as well.

Are there any 4N.com domain names available for registration?

Moving on, we checked exactly 10,000 .com domain names that have 4 digits. It would take too much space to list them as well, so let’s just make a quick summary.

In our domain availability research, we checked all the .com domain names that have 4 digits in them.




All the way to…




All these 4-digit .com domain names are registered.

Surely there are some 5N.com domain names that we can register?

Unfortunately no. We checked 100,000 .com domain names that have 5 digits.




All the way to…




I’ll be honest and confess, I thought we might get lucky and find some domains. I was 100% sure the good ones were taken, but at least some obscure number sequence was available for registration. Not true, all are registered.

Finally, we have some 6N.com domain names that are available for registration

Since we didn’t find any 5N.com domain names that are available for registration, we had to go one step forward. We decided to check 1 million 6N .com domain names. We checked programmatically, with our Domain Availability API :




All the way to….




And here’s what we found!

Out of 1000000 6-digit .com domain names, there are 338047 that are available for registration. And the rest (661953) are registered.

The rise and fall of 6N .com domain names

This may come as a surprise to some. Just a few years ago in November 2015, there were several reports that all the 6N.com domain names were registered.

When exactly, and why it went south for the popular 6N .com domain names remains a mystery and is outside of the scope of this research. But it seems that at some point domain investors were paying handsome money both for bottom prices, average and best 6N .com domain names.

The market has definitely cooled off from then, as now there are 33.8% available for registration.


Goran Duskic has been the Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. since 2011, a company that specializes in developing APIs, including the well-known Whois API. He started his career in internet entrepreneurship in 2006 and has co-founded several online businesses, including a web hosting company that he later sold. Goran's work primarily involves creating practical API solutions to meet technological needs.

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