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Let’s create a
landing page, and see what happens!

“We don’t have to build entire infrastructure or code anything before we see if anyone is prepared to pay for this service. Let’s create a landing page, and see what happens!”

That’s how we started. With a landing page, taking pre-orders back in 2011. There was no company, and the website wasn’t even on WhoAPI.com.

I got the idea straight out of 4-Hour WorkWeek. One backlink and one micro Google AdWords campaign changed all that. However, in all honesty, my business partner at the time, and I didn’t know what we were getting into.

Over the years, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of serving and working with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Developers, freelancers, startups, companies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Angel and venture capital funding

In 2012, 500 Startups, Isaac Saldana, and other investors and partners financed the creation of what was to become our first API version, server infrastructure, website, forming the company under the name WhoAPI Inc. 800 W El Camino Real Suite 180 Mountain View, CA 94040.

Geeks on a plane conference

This happened in spectacular fashion as our pitch won the Geeks on a plane conference in Zagreb Croatia and our team went to Sillicon Valley for our incubation program. It all started with the president of a small country from EU (Croatia) invited the GOAP for a visit.

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Our commitment to preventing SPAM

We understand that giving access to WHOIS data associates us with spammers. However, I want to make sure that’s not the case. Our APIs do not give any contact information, and if anything some of our APIs help prevent spamming.

Goran Duskic speaking at Geeks on a plane conference

Goran Duskic

at the Geeks on a place conference

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raises it’s first investment

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round from 500 Startups

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The Slate

caught onto our research

Data provided by our APIs have helped


Catching new domains with a bank’s name quickly is great for security.


Checking domain age, location and reputation helps automatic red-flagging.

Web hosting

Blacklist notifications, whois, domain availability checks and SSL checks can increase revenue.
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Domain name registrars

Market research, brand protection and backup domain availability checks.

Website builders

Domain availability checks and market research with reverse whois.

Email marketing platforms

Email reputation, and email blacklists improve their services.

The industry

In the end, we are a business, and money keeps us going. However, working with such diverse companies gives us so much more. It gives us purpose and you can’t put a price tag on that. Without being too philosophical, I think everybody can appreciate the fact that without a good challenge, life would quickly become too boring. Our industry has shown over the years that it always has a new challenge!

Privacy concerns, data size, more domains, more websites, more criminals, new technologies, while at the same time clients are becoming more demanding. This keeps us going, and hopefully, we can add value going forward as we steam through our 10 year anniversary.

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