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Screenshot API

Below you can see some screenshot API functionalities.

Full page and thumbnail

Our screenshot API delivers full page or a thumbnail. Full page will include the entire page with all the scrolling. Have in mind that the longer the page, longer it will take the screenshot. Also, the longer the page, the bigger the screenshot file size will be. Due to the file size, and millions of requests we handle, we only store the screenshot for 31 days.

Screenshot delay

We are listening to our client's requests, so we’ve created the screenshot delay. Delay is set in milliseconds between the full page load and a screenshot, e.g. 1000 milliseconds is 1 second. Be careful, if you set the delay for a maximum of 5000 milliseconds and hit a few large websites it could take a lot longer to process a website screenshot with our API.

Don’t wait screenshot

One of our clients was screenshotting large websites that load very slowly. We’ve confirmed the slow load with a few third party tools. That’s why we’ve implemented the “ASAP” API parameter. “ASAP” is useful when you want to take the screenshot right after the HTML load. Combined with the Screenshot delay, our API gives you control at the exact moment you want to take the screenshot.

Geolocated website screenshot

Also known as a “geoscreenshot” feature. This API feature will allow you to take website screenshots from different corners of the world. As we all know already, due to the CDN and limitations in some countries, websites are loading very differently. So, if you want to get the screenshot from a different continent, geolocated website screenshot is definitely the feature to use.

For a few years now, we have been using the features of WhoAPI screenshot API successfully. With the new update even more efficiently.

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