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Domain Availability API

Below you can see some Domain Availability API functionalities.

Domain availability checks

We believe that there are still great domain names that are available for registration, you just have to look hard enough! Massive amounts of domain availability lookups can be used for various researches, for finding domains for SEO purposes, for building a new domain checker, and for various other purposes.

Is this domain taken?

Some of our clients are finding great available domains for their clients, and some of our clients are looking for available domains that recently expired, but have some traffic on them. Whatever the reason, our domain availability API can help you find those great available domains you are looking for!

We are out of 4 letter domains

Back in December, 2013 we used our domain availabiltiy API to check all the 4-letter combinations .com domains. AAAA.COM up to ZZZZ.COM. It turns out they were all registered. There are many ways you can use our Domain Availabilty API, but we think this is one was a bit special.

Fast, cheap and simple

Our Domain Availability API with XML or JSON outputs delivers fast results! It's a great solution in case you need a faster and cheaper API than our Whois API, and you are OK with an occasional inacurate response with domains in redemption period. Signup and get a free test account!

I am always on a lookout for obscure API’s and want to get my hands on them before everybody else. Same with WhoAPI, only I used the heck out of them!

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Harper Reed

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