Domain Availability API Documentation

How To Use Domain Availability API

Bulk domain name availability checks. Programmatically check if a domain name is available for registration with an API request.

Domain availability API use case

We believe that there are still great domain names that are available for registration, you just have to look hard enough!

Massive amounts of domain availability lookups can be used for various domain research, for finding domains for SEO purposes, for building a new domain checker, and for various other purposes. Some of our clients are finding great available domains for their clients, and some of our clients are looking for available domains that recently expired, but have some traffic on them.

Whatever the reason, our domain availability API can help you find those great available domains you are looking for! Our Domain Availability API is cheaper than our Whois API, but just as accurate when it comes to domain availability checks.

For detailed code examples that will help you use Domain Availability API, see our code examples page.

Domain availability API

Let’s make an example request:

Output JSON format:

  "status": "0",
  "taken": "1",
  "requests_available": 100

Output in XML format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


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