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Below you can see some SSL API functionalities.

SSL API documentation

There is a way to check SSL expiration programmatically, it's called SSL API! If you want to check if a million websites have SSL certificates installed, you can do it effortlessly.

SSL API code examples

You can use our SSL API with any programming language, because requests are made through HTTPS. See code examples here.

How to use our SSL API

Using WhoAPI's SSL API is similar to using our other APIs. You make a request for a certain domain name, and we respond with the data. In SSL API, you will get information if there is an SSL certificate installed in the website, and when it expires.

SSL API use case

We are using our SSL API in a software called Webmaster.ninja. There we notify website owners when their SSL certificate is about to expire. You can also use it to check SSL activity on any website.

I am always on a lookout for obscure API’s and want to get my hands on them before everybody else. Same with WhoAPI, only I used the heck out of them!

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