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How To Use Blacklist API

Programatically check any domain name or IP address if it is listed on most popular email blacklists.

Blacklist API use case

Every day, billions of emails are sent. Not thousands. Not millions. Billions! It’s hard for any software or system to automatically or programmatically detect if a message is spam or a genuine important email message from one person to another. So there are a lot of false positives, and there are companies that get blacklisted just because of a bad neighborhood.


You know what we are talking about, email blacklists are a real issue, and our Blacklist API helps you detect that issue whether it’s an IP address or a domain name. So if you are a hosting company with hundreds of IP addresses, or a email marketing company with thousands of them, our email blacklist API can tell you when an IP or a domain name gets blacklisted by one of the major RBL blacklists.


Blacklist API

Let’s make an example request:
Output in JSON format:
  "status": "0",
  "ip": "",
  "blacklisted": "0",
  "blacklists": [ {
    "tracker": "surbl.org",
    "blacklisted": "0"
    "tracker": "barracudacentral.org",
    "blacklisted": "0"
    "tracker": "sorbs.net",
    "blacklisted": "0"
    "tracker": "spamhaus.org",
    "blacklisted": "0"
 } ],
  "requests_available": 100



Output in XML format:
<?xml version="1.0"?>