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Our Whois API; Raw whois transformed into parsed whois with JSON and XML output. Whois rest API for Python,
JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages. Below you can see some Whois API functionalities and how to use them. Doing Whois lookups with an API just became so much easier!

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Our robust JSON Whois API delivers domain information for hundreds of millions domain names, across hundreds domains registrars and domain extensions. If you want access to our Whois API with JSON response that gets you the parsed Whois record just scroll down to the signup button. If you want to read more about what is a Whois API with JSON response, read this article.

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Whois API in XML

Structured and parsed raw WHOIS data such as domain registration date, expiry date, reseller information, nameservers, registrar information in XML output. Whois API with parsed Whois record response in XML is available after registration when you will also get an API key. If you want read more about the difference between JSON and XML, and what is Whois API XML, then read the following article.

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Whois API use case examples

Is someone infringing on your trademark? Are you hunting down recently registered “fake” domains? Are you looking for common patterns between phishing websites? Are you looking for 100% accurate domain availability checks? There are many use cases for our Whois API.

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Cached and live results

Our Whois API in XML or JSON outputs delivers live or cached results. We have you covered in case you are looking for the actual live whois result or a cost-effective solution. How does our parsed Whois API response look like? Check here how to make an example Whois API request.

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Whois API documentation

In our API documentation you can see the input and output parameters for our RESTful based Whois API. Read how you will setup input requests, API status codes and Description for Input Parameters. We have several different APIs, so it’s important to learn how to work with them separately.

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Whois API Python code examples

If you need help setting up your first API request then check code examples in PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Objective C, C# (.NET) and Java. You will still have a lot of work ahead of you to build an entire application, but hopefully this will help you make the first step.

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