Code Examples

Code Examples

Please read the API documentation before you start using our APIs in production.
The API key used in these examples is for demonstrative purposes and can be used only to check

Code Examples

We’ve prepared code examples in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Objective C, C#(.NET) and Java. They provide similar functionality, but there are differences in the programming languages used and their specific libraries or methods employed to make the API requests.

Whois API Icon

Whois API

Make Whois API requests with your favorite programming language. How to make Whois requests with JavaScript? Or Whois Python? We have you covered with several popular programming languages.

Domain Availability API

Making domain availability checks in JavaScript has always been popular and easy to do. With these code examples it’s even easier! Now you can make domain lookups with other programming languages.

Domain Score API Icon

Domain Score API

Code examples that will make it easier to use our robust Domain Score API. Scoring domain names has never been easier. Just remember, unlike our other APIs, there’s a two step process.

Email Score API icon

Email Score API

Your application will be ready in no time with these code examples and you can start rating email addresses blazing fast. Just remember, like Domain Score API, there’s a two step process.

Email Blacklist API icon

Blacklist API

We’ve made it easy to check thousands of domain names or IP addresses for popular email blacklist services. With these code examples you can do it in your favorite programming language.

Screenshot API icon

Screenshot API

How do you use a Screenshot API? Check our code examples page, and depending on what features you need and the programming code you are using we’ve made it as easy as possible.

SSL API icon


Check SSL expiration dates and other information with simple API requests. These code examples should make things easier and faster for you. PHP, JavaScript and other code examples.


The PHP uses cURL. The JavaScript use XMLHttpRequest. The Ruby use the OpenURI and JSON libraries. The Python use the requests library. The Java use HttpURLConnection and JSONObject. The C# (.NET) use WebRequest and Newtonsoft.Json.