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Below you can see some Email Score API functionalities.

Email Score API documentation

In the link below you can access API documentation for our Email Score API. There you will find information about Authentication, setting up input request, status codes and their description.

Email Score API code examples

Our Email Score API is a restfull web API. Requests are done over HTTP or HTTPS, so it doesn't matter if your application is written in PHP, Javascrpipt, Ruby, Python, Objective C, .NET or any other programming language.

How to use our Email Score API

Using WhoAPI's Email Score API is similar to using our other APIs. The difference with this API is that you have to make 2 requests. 1. Send email for scoring (Set task API); 2. Check the scoring state (Get result API).

Email Score API use case

At the moment there are billions of active email addresses. Not thousands. Not millions. Billions! It’s hard for any software or system to automatically or programmatically detect if the user is a high-profile (jane@inc500.com) or a low profile (john@newacmecompany.com). Disposable and temporary email addresses are springing up like mushrooms after the rain.


We use WhoAPI as an integral part of our automated compliance system. This system enables us to identify potential risks to our network."

CEO at Kickbox.com
Dan Stevens

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