Whois API with XML output

Today we are announcing new output in our Whois API. Long time ago we made a decision to support only JSON, but time has come to also support XML. After all, when we first started out it was on a website called getwhoisxml.com!

Although we have updated our documentation and our Console, the difference in the API request is very small. You just need to add &ip=&asxml at the end of your request, to signal you want a XML output. So if you were using our JSON version, the switch is very simple.

What if I like JSON output?

If you really like JSON, there’s absolutely no change. If you’ve never used our whois API we recommend you check our documentation and code examples. Again, just have in mind that if you want to get an XML output, make sure you have the XML ending in your request. If you want to get the whois in a JSON output your whois request remains the same, and should look as stated in our documentation:


What about our other APIs?

If you are using any of our other APIs, and you would like to switch to the XML output just follow the same advice! At the end of the request make sure you include &asxml. You can find more information and example outputs on each page for every API that you use.

Why introduce XML now?

One company specifically told us they signed up with a competitor because we didn’t have XML output. Three days later, voila, we have XML output.

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