Research and infographic on .me Top Level Domain

After conducting research and creating an infographic on the top 1000 domains on Alexa, WhoAPI partnered with dot Me registry to research their top 1000 domains.

Looking at the short domains, I really liked and Personal, short, distinguished. What .me has going for themselves is a great symbiotic relationship between the keyword, and the extension (dot me), and some popular service take advantage of that beautifully, like WhoAPI actually met the founder of back in 2011 at the conference.

It’s evident that a majority of top dot me owners understand the benefits of SSL certificates, and have an SSL certificate installed on their home page. Similar to our first research, we don’t see a correlation between high traffic and short domains, or domains without dashes and numbers. Content truly is the king, long live the king.

To answer the questions on everyone’s mind, do I need a dot com with a generic keyword to succeed? And the short answer is absolutely not.


Special thanks go to the graphical wizardry of PolarVectors.

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Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. Goran Duskic is an internet entrepreneur since 2006. He co-founded and sold several online ventures, including a web hosting company.

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