Unveiling .CO WHOIS: A Global Domain from Colombia

As we continue to populate our list of ccTLDs and gTLDs it’s now time to visit Colombia and .CO. As you know, our Domain Availability API and Whois API allow programmatically domain availability and Whois checks. Let’s find out Whois .CO!

Did you know that each country is represented by a unique country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) that signifies its digital territory? For the South American country Colombia, this digital emblem is “.co”. This domain serves as a national symbol; however, it has also gained international popularity among businesses and startups worldwide. This article explores the .co domain and its WHOIS protocol and sheds light on Colombia itself.

The Role of .CO in Domain Management

The .CO domain is Colombia’s official ccTLD, initially designated for entities connected to this vibrant South American country. However, its similarity to “.com” has seen it embraced globally as an alternative for commercial, corporate, or community projects. The .co domain stands as a testament to modernity, versatility, and global connectivity, offering a short and memorable online identity that appeals to a wide audience.

You can register available .co domains with every reputable domain registration service.

Back in 2018 with more than 2.2 million domain names, .CO was one of the biggest ccTLDs – Source: go.co/company

There are unconfirmed reports that in 2024 there are more than 3.4 million .CO domain names registered. This makes .CO one of the most popular ccTLDs in the World.

Understanding ccTLDs and .CO

Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) are two-letter internet domain extensions associated with specific countries or territories (such as .EU for European Union), based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard. They play a vital role in the global domain name system (find out what else plays a vital role in DNS), enabling localized digital identities. Examples include .dk for Denmark.hr for Croatia and .br for Brazil . Each ccTLD is managed by a registry within its respective country, ensuring adherence to national and international guidelines.

Google treats .co domains similarly to how it treats generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and global reach. Although .co is officially a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia, its widespread use by businesses and organizations outside Colombia has led to its perception as a global domain extension, akin to .com, .net, or .org.

.co domain - ccTLD for Columbia (South America)
.co domain – ccTLD for Columbia (South America)

We’ve seen this happen with .me for Montenegro, .ai for Anguilla, .tv for Tuvalu, and a few others. Google’s approach to .co domains is to regard them as gTLDs from an operational standpoint, especially in terms of international targeting. This means that a .co domain has the potential to rank globally in Google search results, rather than being limited to Colombian regional search results. This treatment aligns with the domain’s global adoption by startups, entrepreneurs, and international companies seeking a memorable and short domain extension.

Genesis and Governance of .CO

Introduced in December 1991, the .co domain (according to Wikipedia) has been administered by .CO Internet SAS, a subsidiary of Neustar, has been part of GoDaddy since 2010. This administration shift marked the domain’s global launch, positioning .co as a credible and highly sought-after domain space for entrepreneurs, startups, and brands seeking a global presence.

Owner of .CO – Colombia

Colombia is a country in South America, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and economic growth. It’s a country of coffee, emeralds, and festivals, where innovation and tradition blend seamlessly. Colombia’s embrace of the .co domain reflects its forward-thinking attitude and openness to global digital engagement, mirroring the country’s dynamic spirit in the digital domain.

Ciudad Amurallada, Cartagena, Columbia
Ciudad Amurallada, Cartagena, Columbia – Photo by Marco Almanza on Unsplash

.CO WHOIS: Ensuring Transparency and Security

The WHOIS protocol for .co domains provides essential information about domain registrations, facilitating transparency and security in the digital ecosystem. It includes details on domain ownership, registration dates, and contact information, all crucial for domain management, dispute resolution, and cybersecurity efforts. The .CO WHOIS service aligns with global standards, including privacy regulations to protect personal information while maintaining the integrity of the domain space.

The .CO WHOIS service serves various stakeholders:

  • Domain Investors: Offering vital information for domain name trading and investment.
  • Businesses and Brands: Ensuring brand protection and domain portfolio management.
  • Legal and Cybersecurity Professionals: Aiding in legal disputes and enhancing online security.

Example of .CO Whois with API request

The .co domain transcends its Colombian roots, embodying a global digital identity that is versatile, modern, and highly desirable. As Colombia continues to grow and innovate, the .co ccTLD remains a symbol of the country’s digital ambition and its connection to the broader internet community. Whether for local initiatives or international ventures, .co offers a dynamic platform for digital expression and business growth.

This parsed WHOIS JSON record for the domain “columbia.co” provides comprehensive details while also highlighting the impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the visibility of personal data. Here’s an analysis of the key components in the record:

  1. General Information:
    • WHOIS Server: The query was processed by “whois.nic.co,” which is the official registry WHOIS server for .co domains.
    • Status: “Successfully processed” indicates the query was completed without any errors.
    • Registered: The domain is currently registered, as confirmed by “true.”
  2. Domain Registration Details:
    • Date Created: The domain was initially registered on August 31, 2010, indicating a long-standing online presence.
    • Date Expires: The registration is set to expire on August 30, 2024, showing the domain is secured for the near future.
    • Date Updated: The most recent update to the domain’s information was on August 6, 2023.
  3. Domain Status:
    • The domain has “clientTransferProhibited” status, which is mentioned twice, indicating restrictions on transferring the domain to another registrar without specific authorization. This is a common security measure to prevent unauthorized domain transfers.
  4. Nameservers:
    • The domain uses “ns1.bodis.com” and “ns2.bodis.com” as its nameservers, which are part of Bodis, a domain parking service. This suggests the domain might currently be parked. This type of monetization is common with domain investors.
  5. Privacy and GDPR Compliance:
    • WHOIS Raw: Mention of “Disabled due to GDPR” indicates that detailed registrant information is not disclosed in the WHOIS output, adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy standards.
    • Contacts: The contact information for the registrar, registrant, admin, and tech contacts is either not provided or marked as “Disabled due to GDPR,” emphasizing privacy measures in place to protect personal data.
  6. Registrar Information:
    • The domain is registered through “eNom, LLC,” a popular domain registrar, with contact details provided for legal inquiries.
  7. Registrant Information:
    • The registrant organization is listed as “Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.,” indicating that a privacy service is being used to shield the actual domain owner’s details.
  8. Miscellaneous:
    • The record does not contain specific expiration, creation, or update dates, possibly due to formatting or redaction.
    • “_cached”: false indicates the information is fresh and obtained with a Live Whois API and not served from a cached source.
    • “Requests available”: 76 refers to the number of remaining WHOIS queries available before reaching a limit imposed by the service provider.

This WHOIS record for “columbia.co” highlights the domain’s active registration status, use of a domain parking service, and strict adherence to privacy regulations under GDPR, obscuring specific details about the domain’s registrant and administrative contacts.


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