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I have to admit the screenshot below is a bit confusing. It’s a Croatian (HR) whois record for a whois.hr domain name. Let’s untangle this.

.hr is a ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) of the country of Croatia. Croatia is a relatively young country that gained its independence in 25 June 1991. Mind you, this same Wikipedia article will tell you Croatians had an established Duchy around the 7th century. When it comes to Croatian .hr whois, this was established in 1993.

Whois from a Croatian whois for the domain name whois.hr
Whois from a Croatian whois for the domain name whois.hr

100,000 .hr domains, and 100,000 whois records.

We actually wrote about .hr domains in December 2017, when they tipped 100,000 registered domain names. So you can see it’s not a very popular ccTLD, and focuses on local businesses. Having said that, there is still some interest around .hr domains and accompanying whois records.

If you want to check manually whois records for a domain name, best bet is to go straight at the source.

Check whois records for domain names with .hr extension (ccTLD) on the official CARNet website

API access for Croatian ccTLD whois

If you need parsed and programmatic access to Croatian whois, .hr is on our supported lists of TLDs. You can see in the example above that our Whois API has both Whois JSON and Whois XML outputs.

WHOIS service for the Croatian ccTLD (.hr) is a great topic, as it delves into internet governance, digital rights, and data privacy, all of which are increasingly important in the digital age.

The transparency and management of domain name registration information are crucial. Even if it is a simple domain availability check with an API. The WHOIS service, a protocol for querying databases that store the registered users of domain names, plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem. This article sheds light on the WHOIS service specifically for Croatia’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) — .hr, delving into its operation, governance, and the balance it maintains between transparency and privacy.

History and Administration of the .hr Domain:

The .hr domain is the digital emblem of Croatia, established as the country’s official top-level domain. It’s managed by the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet). CARNet oversees the registration and administration of the .hr domain, ensuring its alignment with national and international standards.

How WHOIS Works for .hr Domain:

The WHOIS service for the .hr domain operates like its global counterparts. It allows users to query a database to retrieve essential information about domain registrants. This includes the name of the domain holder, contact information, domain creation and expiration dates, and the nameservers. However, in compliance with data protection laws, the amount of publicly available information may be limited. Especially if you are using our API, we remove the data that may be used for spamming domain owners.

Privacy and Data Protection:

Data privacy is paramount in the digital world. The .hr domain’s WHOIS service aligns with global data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Measures are in place to protect personal data, ensuring that only information essential for maintaining the domain’s integrity is accessible publicly, without compromising the privacy of the registrants.

Legal Framework and Regulations:

The operation of the .hr domain’s WHOIS service is governed by a robust legal framework. This encompasses national laws concerning digital governance and data protection, as well as adherence to international regulations. The legal framework ensures that the WHOIS service operates transparently while respecting the privacy rights of individuals. I can give you a personal example where we asked them for a list of all .hr domain names that were registered in order to conduct research, and share the results publicly. We were denied access to this list.

Use Cases and Importance of WHOIS for .hr Domain:

WHOIS data is indispensable for various stakeholders. Businesses use it for market research or to address intellectual property issues. Cybersecurity experts rely on WHOIS data to combat fraud, phishing, and other cyber threats. Law enforcement agencies use it to investigate illegal activities. The .hr domain’s WHOIS service, therefore, is not just a tool but a cornerstone in maintaining the integrity and security of the digital landscape in Croatia.

Challenges and Future Directions:

The WHOIS service for the .hr domain faces challenges, chiefly balancing privacy with transparency and ensuring data accuracy. The evolving digital landscape demands constant adaptation to new technologies and regulatory requirements. The future of WHOIS may see more anonymization features, enhanced validation processes, and a more user-centric approach, ensuring that the .hr domain remains a trusted component of the global internet infrastructure.

The WHOIS service for the .hr domain is more than a protocol; it’s a testament to Croatia’s commitment to a secure, transparent, and responsible digital ecosystem. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the .hr domain’s WHOIS service stands ready to adapt, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for stakeholders and a guardian of digital integrity in Croatia.


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