Exploring .AI: Anguilla’s Domains and WHOIS

In recent years, .AI and Anguilla domains rose to popularity on the Top Level Domain list. Since one of our products, Whois API, is delivering parsed, structured Whois, naturally we wanted to explore .AI whois and share it with our readers.

As you know, each country or territory stakes its claim with a unique identifier known as a country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). For Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, this identifier is “.ai,” a domain that has garnered significant attention far beyond its shores, especially among tech companies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) startups.

Google, like many other technology companies, recognizes the marketing and branding value of .ai domains for AI-related products and services. This perception does not officially change the domain’s classification within the global DNS hierarchy but rather reflects its popular use and the broader tech industry’s recognition of .ai domains as synonymous with AI technology and innovation.

The Role of .AI in the Global Digital Domain

The notion of .ai being perceived similarly to a gTLD by entities like Google and others in the tech community speaks to its broad adoption and appeal outside of its original geographic context. Nonetheless, from a regulatory and operational standpoint, .ai remains a ccTLD, with its administration and policies governed by the Anguillan authorities and Offshore Information Services Ltd., the domain’s registry.

.AI stands as Anguilla’s digital flag, originally designated for entities associated with this picturesque island. However, its serendipitous alignment with the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence has made it a sought-after domain for the tech industry. Like a beacon, it attracts businesses and individuals keen on leveraging the AI brand to signify innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Understanding ccTLDs and .AI

Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) are two-letter internet domain extensions assigned to a country, sovereign state, or territory. ccTLDs like .dk for Denmark, .hr for Croatia and .br for Brazil serve as digital real estate, reflecting a nation’s digital identity. They are pivotal in managing and maintaining the country’s presence online, offering a localized option for websites to indicate their geographical origin or operational focus.

As I mentioned, sometimes these ccTLDs spill over their borders, and catch global attention. Few other examples are .me for Montenegro, .io for British Indian Ocean Territory, and .tv for Tuvalu.

A visual representation of Whois .AI. Artificial intelligence, AI domains, Anguilla beaches.
A visual representation of Whois .AI. Artificial intelligence, AI domains, Anguilla beaches.

The Genesis and Management of .AI

Launched in February 1995 (source: Wikipedia), the .ai domain has been administered by the Government of Anguilla but is managed on its behalf by Offshore Information Services Ltd., a local company. This management ensures that while the domain primarily serves Anguillan entities, it also accommodates the global demand for AI-related domain names. The flexibility and foresight in its administration has allowed .ai to become synonymous with the AI industry, providing a unique branding opportunity.

Anguilla: A Brief Overview

Anguilla is renowned for its stunning beaches, clear waters, and vibrant culture, making it a jewel of the Caribbean. With a small but dynamic population, the territory boasts a rich heritage and a strong sense of community. Anguilla’s embrace of the .ai domain highlights its forward-thinking approach, positioning itself as a participant in the global digital economy.

Anguilla - Place of great beaches and great domain names
Shoal Bay Beach Anguilla Caribbean, tropical holiday. Turquoise ocean and beautiful landscape with white sand. Hotels and restaurant view from a drone perspective – Shutterstock

.AI WHOIS: Navigating Domain Information

The WHOIS protocol for .ai domains offers a mechanism to query databases for information on domain registrations. This service provides essential details such as domain ownership, registration dates, and contact information. While privacy concerns and regulations may limit the availability of certain data, the .AI WHOIS service plays a critical role in maintaining transparency and accountability in the digital domain landscape.

More and more new .AI domains are registered (tripled in from 2021 to 2023).

.AI domain registration statistics
.AI domain registration statistics – Source: Whois.AI FAQ

Whois .AI Example

The .ai domain represents a fascinating intersection of geography and technology, where Anguilla’s digital identity converges with the forefront of AI innovation. As the digital domain continues to evolve, the .AI ccTLD stands as a testament to Anguilla’s unexpected yet pivotal role in the tech world. Whether for local businesses or global tech ventures, .ai offers a unique domain space that is both distinctly Anguillan and universally appealing to the AI sector.

The screenshot above shows an example Whois JSON output response we get from a Whois API request.

This WHOIS JSON record provides information about the .ai domain “open.ai” while illustrating the impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the visibility of personal data. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements in the record:

  1. General Information:
    • WHOIS Server: The query was processed by “whois.nic.ai,” the official WHOIS server for .ai domains.
    • Status: “Successfully processed” indicates that the query completed without issues.
    • Registered: The domain is currently registered, as indicated by “true.”
  2. GDPR Impact:
    • The record mentions “Disabled due to GDPR” in multiple fields, including, whois_raw, emails and contact details. This shows compliance with GDPR, which restricts the public display of personal information to protect privacy.
  3. Domain Status and Policies:
    • The domain has several status codes, including “clientTransferProhibited,” “clientRenewProhibited,” “clientDeleteProhibited,” and “clientUpdateProhibited.” These statuses are set by ICANN and indicate restrictions on transferring, renewing, deleting, and updating the domain without authorization, enhancing its security.
  4. Registrar and Registrant Information:
    • The registrar is listed as “1api.net,” a domain registration service, with contact details provided.
    • The registrant organization is “Domains By Proxy, LLC,” a company that provides privacy services to domain owners, indicating the domain owner has chosen to anonymize their information.
  5. Nameservers:
    • The domain uses nameservers “mns01.domaincontrol.com” and “mns02.domaincontrol.com,” which are part of GoDaddy’s Domain Name Server (DNS) management service, indicating where the domain’s DNS records are managed.
  6. Miscellaneous:
    • The record does not include the creation, expiration, or last update dates, possibly due to privacy settings or the specific policies of the .ai domain registry.
    • The domain’s name is “open.ai,” reflecting a clear and direct association with AI (Artificial Intelligence) or an openness theme.
    • The record is not cached (“_cached”: false), suggesting the information is current as of the query time utilizing the Live Whois API feature.
    • “Requests available”: 83, may indicate the number of remaining WHOIS queries available to the user before reaching a limit.

Overall, the WHOIS record for “open.ai” showcases the domain’s registration and status while emphasizing the influence of privacy regulations on publicly available registrant information.


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