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How to check if a domain name is available or not?

I can’t remember how many people told me that a certain domain is available for registration, and when I asked them to tell me how they checked, they reply: Google. That is not the proper way to check if domain name is available for registration. If the domain is not showing up on Google, it simply means it wasn’t yet indexed by Google! Also, if you type a domain name in your address bar (in your browser), and nothing opens up, maybe hosting wasn’t set up, but the domain name may still be registered.

How do you check if a domain name is available or not?

How to check if .me is available for registration

First of all, it depends on the TLD (top level domain). If it’s a .com it’s more simple because every domain registrar supports that TLD and it’s easy. If it’s a TLD with several policies and laws  (like Croatian .hr) then it’s a different ball game. Even if it is available for registration, you have to be Croatian to buy one.

The best place to check is the corresponding registrar.

How to check if a .IO domain name is available or not?

For example, if you want to register a .io check http://www.nic.io/. If you want to check a .hr domain, go to http://www.dns.hr/. If you want to check .me, open http://domen.me/ This is the best place to check because there’s a lesser chance these guys are front running (like some unknown domain checker, whois info service).

You can’t really buy domain names at these places, so you have to find a registrar where you can register that domain.

Today, when everything is about the Internet, where communication takes place online, not having your own personalized domain name is unacceptable. The worst that can happen is to use the domain name and e-mail associated with your workplace. For example, if you have an opportunity to get in touch with some important people and you give them contact e-mail such as: john@companyname.com they might think that right from the start you want to emphasize a company that you work for, and for that reason you want to get in contact with this person. On the other hand, an address such as john@freemail.com sounds unprofessional so you have to be careful with choosing a domain name.

If you are interested in a more detail course on how to setup a profesionall email address, check it out here.

Own domain name, WhoAPI

One of the reasons for holding your own domain name is that you probably will not keep the same job forever, so if everyone has an email address of your company you are working for, you might lose contact with them after losing that account.

How can I check if the domain I prefer is available for registration?

To check whether the desired domain is available, you can use our free online service that allows you that. Our website checker checks whether the domain is free to register in a few mouse clicks. Or you can create a free WhoAPI account, and use our bulk tool, whois API or domain availability API.

What if the preferred domain is already taken?

If your name is very common, like John it is going to be even harder for you. It is very likely for domain with your name and any other frequent name in the US is already registered. WhoAPI made ​​a study that proves that all .com domains with 3 or 4 characters are not available for registration, but some of them can be bought at auctions for a very high price.  This means that you need to be creative and come up with a domain that will contain your name or nickname. If domain .com is not available , try with other extensions such as .net, .info, .name ,etc.

How do companies find domain names?

For example, WhoAPI Inc. owns whoapi.com. Google Inc. owns Google.com, etc.

WhoAPI team was researching the new domain extensions, and “gathering evidence” on why the .com is the king. At one point I found the list of 100 biggest brands in the world. This is a list containing companies from around the world starting with Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM and finishing the 100 list with Boeing, eBay, Lowe’s, Sumimoto.

So I checked the ownership with a whois request, and never mind the whois, I opened each of the domains to make sure that there is an actual website representing the actual company I was expecting. I learned several facts from this research. Apple.com, Google.com, Microsoft.com, etc.

1. Short or long, they will go after it

Take Time Warner Cable for example. They own TimeWarnerCable.com but at the same time, they bought twc.com which redirects to TimeWarnerCable.com. Coca-Cola, owns coke.com, Volkswagen owns vw.com Neat right? If the brand has a long name, they own the long domain, and they also own the abbreviation. On the other hand, if the company’s name or should I say the brand is really short like HP, UPS, Nike, then again they own the .com and in most cases, the short domain opens the website.

Why is shortness an issue? Read here – We are out of 4 letter .com domains.

Protip. WordPress, which is not a top 100 brand, owns wp.com.

2. Some of those domains are ancient

When I say ancient in Internet terms, I mean eighties. I know the ’80s and the Internet don’t really go together, but some of the brands from this 100 list actually registered their .com’s among the first domain registered, ever! Symbolics.com (not a top 100 brand)  was the first domain registered ever, on March 15, 1985. What about companies from our 100 list of top brands?

The first company from our current list of top brands to register a .com was  Hewlett-Packard with hp.com on March 3, 1986. 9th domain ever that was registered. About a year later Apple (currently tops the 100 list) registered apple.com, and it was the 64th domain.

Here is the “List of the oldest currently registered Internet domain names

3. Nissan doesn’t own nissan.com

This brings us to 99 out of 100 brands. Don’t think that this 1 brand didn’t fight hard to get its.com, I am using this brand as an example of how hard brands are willing to fight to get their .com. Some buy their .com, some get it with UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) from squatters. I won’t get too much into that (how top brands got their .coms).

Japanese automaker Nissan is currently the 59th brand in the world. Ahead of Sony, Allianz, JP Morgan, Canon, and many others.

Nissan sues this person Uzi Nissan (his last name is actually Nissan) for 10 million dollars in damages. This battle for nissan.com  lasted from December 1999 until February 2008! However, my man Uzi still owns Nissan.com and has since 1994. He bought it before Nissan (the car company) was Nissan the automaker (they were called Datsun).  And it’s still not clear if Nissan (the automaker) gave up on it!

Protip – The strategy “you will get a better domain when you have more money” sometimes may not work.

Where to register your domain?

Due to front running, some domain checkers register the domain name before you do! Because of that, I recommend you to choose one of the official ICANN Accredited Registrars because it is the safest choice. You probably don’t want hosting company to steal your website and domain name about what you can read more here. Furthermore, we’ve written an extensive review and wrote our recommendation where is the best place to register your domain names.

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