What to look for while registering a domain?

Registering your domain is the first step in the process of getting your website live on the internet. But before that, you that to find the suitable name for your domain and also a proper extension as well. Here are a few things to look for while registering a domain name:


#1. Uniqueness

When you are going to name your domain, keep in mind the following things about the name:

– Short

Nobody likes to type a long domain name. If it is long, it’s hard to remember and type and may turn the visitors away.

– Easy to remember

The domain name must be easy to recall, and if it has your brand word, it is better as the visitors coming from the internet will first search for the name they are most familiar with.

– Search engine friendly

Make your domain name search engine friendly. If it can have some keywords, it is better to have them. Is a user searches for you a brand word your domain name must be first in the result page?


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#2. Right domain name extension

Once you have the right domain name for you, the next thing is to find the most appropriate extension for the domain. Some of the most popular extensions are:

– Dot-com

It is the most popular domain extension of the internet. While it may be somewhat pricey but it ensures that the visitors don’t have to make any effort typing or to recall the complex extensions.

– Dot-county code

If you are a global business that wants to establish a local connection with the country of the firm, then it is good to go with the country code domain extensions. They simply have the advantage of connecting quickly with the visitors, and that ensures better geographical marketing.

– Dot-something new

There is no harm in going for any of the domain extension if you just want to make your website live. But if you want to be more specific then you can go for many supported domain extensions as well.

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#3. Prices

While buying a domain name is not very expensive, but you have to be sure about the services offered by the registrar. The prices may vary on the domain extension you choose for the domain registration. It is always good to do some research before finalizing a service provider.

#4. Freebies

See the various freebies that are offered by the service provider. If you don’t have any ideas take a look at some of the freebies as under:

– Email accounts

Almost every registrar will provide you with some free email accounts with fraud and virus protection.

– Control panel

You will also get a control panel to manage the domain name, configuration of the email accounts, etc.

– Free mail forwards

See whether your service provider is offering you to create free email forwards with which you can direct your emails to existing email accounts.

In the end, the domain registration has to be done carefully while paying attention to these details.

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