6 Simple tips for choosing a perfect domain name

A domain name denotes your business. Thus, it should be chosen carefully! Today, the internet is accumulated with countless websites better from one another, but the first thing users notice is the domain name. For years, there are standard rules that people around the world follow when choosing a domain name.

For instance, many people say your primary keyword should be your domain name while many say it should be short and simple.

So, domain names are important because it is your first impression to your online audience, it impacts SEO and defines your brand.

However, choosing a perfect domain is not easy because it often happens when you did not get the exact name you need for your business.

No need to worry because this post explains 6 simple tips for choosing a perfect domain name. Read on!

domain name generator

Use a bulk domain name checker

Domain name generator tool or bulk domain checking is a tool that is offered by several hosting and domain registering company. You can use this tool to create ideas for choosing a perfect domain name for your business. This tool mainly comes with a search box where you simply put your keyword and hit suggest or search button. You will get the entire list of suggestions along with the availability of domain name extensions.

Make it special, not common

Now, it is controversial. Many people emphasize choosing a domain name which is common, but the fact is, success in the digital space is all about setting yourself apart from others. If you do so, you would be able to attract a potential audience. So, rather than keeping your domain name generic, try to make it special.

Keep it short

It is important because it is a fast-paced world and no one likes spending much time on a particular thing. Thus, to make it easier for online users, try to keep it concise. It has basically two benefits:

  • Your domain name will be easy to remember
  • You domain name will be easy to type

Your domain name should be easy to pronounce

From the user’s perspective, it is crucial. Make sure the name you choose for your business, it should be easy to pronounce. If something is easy to pronounce, it gets easier to remember. So, spend some time in using the combination of the letter that your users love to tell others.

Include keyword

This is something that many people follow and it is effective up to a great extent. So, when choosing a perfect domain name for your business, make sure you include one of your main keywords. It would help you get good visibility in search engine result pages.

Check availability on social media sites

Many people regret their decision when they find they registered a domain name but those are not available on social media sites for profile creation. Now, it could be disappointing and more than that the wastage of your time and money. To avoid this situation, do some research work beforehand. Check availability on social media sites to ensure the name you want to register is available for brand promotion as well.


Choosing a perfect domain name is important for every business. you can follow the points as mentioned above to choose the right one. And on the other hand, if you want to check a good place where to register domain names, check out our next article.

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