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Bulk domain checkers worth checking out

Domain name availability is a topic that never seems to get old, and with them, bulk domain checkers as well. And for a good reason! There are over 300 million registered domain names, so how are you supposed to find a great one? Is it even possible? With a bulk domain checker, anything is possible!

The domain name has to be memorable, match your branding, and of course, be SEO-friendly. When it comes to picking a domain name, you might have ideas to spare or be entirely out of them; either way, some assistance in the form of a bulk domain checker can come in handy.

In the case when you’re overwhelmed with domain name ideas, you need to narrow down your selection as much as possible. You want to get rid of the domain name ideas that are already taken. This will prevent wasting time considering something that might never be available.

Bulk domain checker galore

In the opposite situation, when the domain names you want are nowhere to be found, you need help with two things.

  1. Creating a proper domain name
  2. Checking if that domain name is up for registration
  3. Check alternative domain extensions).

Both generating and checking the availability of domain names are tedious tasks and can require quite a bit of time and effort on your part. Even then, you might not end up finding what you were looking for. This was probably the reasoning behind building bulk domain name checkers.

Checking domain availability in bulk

Bulk domain name checkers are tools that easily take care of both generating and checking domain names. They can check (in bulk, of course) the availability of domains in full form (their name and extension), just the names, or combinations of the keywords you inserted. The fact that they do the checking in bulk is what makes them so powerful and what significantly eases and streamlines the process of checking domain name availability.

Like most software tools nowadays, there is an abundance of bulk domain name checkers on the market. Different tools, of course, come with various features and limitations. For that reason, deciding which one to go for might come as a bit of a challenge to some people. To help you reduce the list of possible options, I have curated a list of 9 bulk domain name checkers you might want to check out.

Why am I writing about bulk domain checkers?

There are 2 reasons why I am writing about bulk domain checkers. For more than 10 years, together with my team, we’ve worked hard in the “domain name availability” niche. First, we built an API (domain name availability API) that allows developers to build applications that let users check domain name availability. This API found market popularity after we tested all 456.976 combinations, for 4-letter .com domains. Spoiler alert, they were all registered.

A few years later, after developing and shutting down various domain name availability checkers. Why did we build domain checkers? Well, several reasons. I’ll list them very briefly below, and then we can start our list of domain checkers. We built domain checkers because:

  1. We were afraid of domain-front running and having someone else register our domain names before us.
  2. I was dabbling in domain investing, and because of that, I was looking for tools that would help me find great domain names so that I could resell them.
  3. I already mentioned that we built domain availability APIs, well naturally, we want to utilize them as much as possible. Doing research was one way, building tools was another
  4. There’s always interest in helpful domain tools for whatever reason.

1. GoDaddy

Considering it is the biggest domain registrar in the world, it makes sense that GoDaddy has its own bulk domain name checker. Although GoDaddy’s bulk domain checker is one of the simpler bulk domain name checkers, it can still check up to 2,000 domains or keywords and will support a large list of domain name extensions. After checking your domain names, it will group them into available and unavailable ones, with the option of adding all the available ones to your cart for registration at once.

You can count on GoDaddy’s comprehensive domain extension (TLD) support. 518 are available, and 11 are coming soon. You can check pretty much any domain name out there.

GoDaddy bulk domain checker

GoDaddy bulk domain checker

2. Octopoly (rebranded to Moreweb)

The Octopoly Moreweb domain search tool is a free bulk domain name checker provided by the Moreweb domain name registrar from New Zealand. Using Moreweb bulk domain search tool, you can check up to 100 domain names at a time. The inserted values can be full domains containing an extension or without an extension. In the case you are adding the domain names with extensions, they can vary, meaning that you can insert some domains with “.com” others with the “.net” extension, and so on.

When you enter just the name without the extension (screenshot below), each domain name will be checked under every TLD Octopoly supports (which is around 410 TLDs). The results of the domain name checking will show both available and unavailable domain names. In the case of an unavailable domain name, there will be an option to do a bulk whois lookup to see the details of the current owner. The results are displayed on an endless scroll page, which will load more and more results as you continue to scroll.

This bulk domain search tool is more suitable for New Zealanders due to the tool’s focus on New Zealand domain extensions such as .kiwi, .nz,

Moreweb bulk domain search tool

Moreweb bulk domain search tool


Like Moreweb, the bulk domain search tool is a service provided by a domain name registrar, the With this tool, you can search and register domain names in bulk. The number of domain names and keywords doesn’t seem to be limited, and the list of domain names/keywords you insert can be saved for later.

The search results can be filtered by manually typing in a TLD or by checking or unchecking an extension from the list of supported TLDs. You can also filter by bulk groups, which are basically domain name extensions grouped together based on a subject they all relate to, such as real estate, social, business, etc. Some of the more exciting bulk groups are the ones for legacy, ccTLDs, and featured TLDs.

One handy thing in this tool is the “show backorders” filter, which shows domains that might be available for purchase in the next five days, a.k.a. the domains that have entered the pending delete period. These are the domains you can place an early bid on before they hit the market.

After the checking process, each domain in the results is marked as either taken or available to add to the cart and also with the “premium” or “sale” tag if that is the case.

Check domain availability with Javascript

Here’s how you can build your own bulk domain checker and check domain availability with Javascript. You just need API access, and code above.

4. Dynadot

Another bulk domain name checker provided by a domain registrar. The Dynadot bulk domain search tool can search up to 1000 domains at a time, complete domains, or just keywords. By checking a radio button, you will specify if you have inserted domain names with TLDs or only keywords.

In case you choose the latter, a list of available TLDs will appear in default or alphabetical order, and you will pick the ones for which you want the checking to be done. Also, if you indicated that you inserted only keywords but inserted full domains instead, the tool will disregard the extensions and check only the names.

When the search is done just for keywords, then each row of results will contain the keyword and all the TLDs you selected with either a dash in case that keyword and extension combination is unavailable or a price and checkbox in case it is available.

In case the search is done for complete domains and the domain is available, the search result will be the domain name and its price. If the domain is unavailable, it will be marked as taken and have a link for doing a whois batch lookup, making an offer on the domain through DomainAgents, and the actual website.

With this tool, bulk name-checking is possible for internationalized domain names as well.

5. Rankz

Unfortunately, this tool was discontinued. You can see on the web archive and in the screenshot below what it looked like.

Unlike most of the bulk domain name checkers I mentioned, this one is not provided by a domain registrar but by a site for marketing tools named Rankz. The bulk domain availability checker is one of their free tools, which can check up to 2000 domains in 30 seconds.

The thing that is different about this tool than the other ones I mentioned so far is that it can check only complete domains and not just keywords and the complete domains have to contain one of the 45 TLDs or 12 cTLDs this tool supports. The search results are a bit more filtered off the bat, with only the available domains being displayed.

Each search result comes with a link to a domain registrar where you can purchase the domain, and the full search results list can be exported in a CSV file. This tool is maybe a bit limited, but it is indeed fast and effective at what it claims to do. free bulk domain availability checker free bulk domain availability checker

6. Namecheap

Most of us are familiar with Namecheap as one of the most famous domain name registrars in the world. Namecheap has a bulk domain name checker called “Beast Mode” as part of its domain name search feature. Using Beast Mode, you can check as many as 5,000 domain names or keywords. The values can be inserted manually or uploaded in the form of a CSV file, and regardless if the values are complete domains or just keywords, your search will have the following options.

  1. As of June 2023, you can choose between 1174 TLDs, which are split into categories like international, academic, popular, non-English, and many more.
  2. The option to set a price range filter for the domain name that can go as low as $0 or as high as $500.000.
  3. Then there’s the option to add prefixes and suffixes to the domain name, pre-existing ones, or your own.
  4. Lastly, the “transform” option, which will, you guessed it, transforms your keywords by dropping the last vowel or by pluralizing nouns.

The results of your search can be filtered by showing or hiding premium and unavailable domains and exported in a CSV file or shared via a link. Every available domain is displayed with its yearly price and an “add to cart” button, while the unavailable ones are marked as either taken or registered and come with a link for making an offer on the domain, again through DomainAgents.

Namecheap bulk domain search tool

Namecheap bulk domain search tool

Bulk Domain checker

Bulk domain checker in action

7. NameBright

We already wrote about NameBright, but not about their bulk checker! NameBright’s bulk check tool used to allow you to check up to 5000 complete domains or keywords with the “.com”,”.net”,”.org”,”.cc”, or “.tv” extension. But as of June 2023, you can check only 20 domain names. Because of that I will keep my bulk domain checker review short.

Available domains are displayed with their price and can be added to the cart in bulk or separately. The unavailable domains are displayed with a link for a whois lookup on both a registry and registrar level. The lists of both available and unavailable domains can be downloaded in CSV, XML, or XLS format, and since NameBright is a domain registrar, the available domains can be registered with them directly.

8. Domain Hole

Domain Hole is a website dedicated to everything domain name related, domain name generation, expired domain name search, setting up domain alerts, and so on. It only makes sense that this type of website would also have a bulk domain checker. Like Dynadot’s bulk domain search tool, this checker requires you to insert domain names without TLDs.

If you do include TLDs, they will be stripped down from the domain name. Then, the domain name checking will be done for only the name and the TLDs you select from the TLD list. The results are marked as either taken or with a link saying “register”. This will lead to a GoDaddy page where you can register that specific domain name. If you sign up for a Domain Hole account, which is free, you will be able to create a list of your favorite domain names. Whether these domain names are available or unavailable, it doesn’t matter.

9. – domain checker tool (discontinued in August 2022) is a suite of tools designed by WhoAPI for webmasters. One of the tools is an advanced bulk domain checker that, without any fees, gives you access and unlimited usage for checking domain names. We’ve built it using our Domain Availability API and our Bulk Whois API.

All you have to do is simply sign up with your email address. The way it operates is by giving you two input boxes for inserting sets of keywords. For example, you can use one for geography and industry-related keyword set. The other box you use for any other keyword set that best describes or matches your business/website.

The number of sets isn’t limited just to the two mentioned ones. There’s a third one you can activate if you wish. You can use that one for any type of keywords you want. The domain name checker tool by generates every possible combination of the inserted keywords and checks each one for availability.

Bulk domain name checker’s bulk domain name checker

The generated domain names are known as exact match domains or geo-targeted domains. You can also review more catchy ones if prefixes like “go, my, get, fun, ultimate, major, full, free…” are added. You can find additional ideas here. You can choose between checking domains with the “.com” or “.net” domain name extension or a mix of domain names containing both types of extensions.

The tool will show you a list of all the combinations it has generated and will mark each one as available or unavailable, with the available ones having a link next to them, leading you to Uniregistry, where you can register the domain. The entire domain-checking process is swift, and the results are automatically refreshed after you add/remove a new keyword/domain or check/uncheck a domain extension. Each time the tool completes the checking process, it will show the number of available domains and let you export them in a CSV file.

On the list, you can see the current availability status of each domain name and the date when you added it to the favorites list. Of course, a specific domain name can be removed from your favorites list with just a click of a button.

10. Your tool

I can imagine this sounds like a trick list. But this actually a twist! Why not build your own bulk domain availability checker? You can use one of our APIs and build a mass checker that’s working properly but also has some additional features! Monetization could be tricky because affiliate commissions from domain registrars aren’t going to make you rich.

There needs to be some added value or a particular niche that finds the tool really useful. Maybe this list helped you realize that something you have in mind doesn’t already exist. Or perhaps, now that you see that your ideal bulk domain availability checker doesn’t exist, maybe you can build one.

When you do make it work, let me know, and I will include it in this list.

Which bulk domain checker you liked most?

I hope that on this list of bulk domain name checkers, you found one or two that are suitable for your needs. Out of a sea of bulk domain checkers, I think, are the most noteworthy ones. As you can see, the list contains some very meticulous and some very simple bulk domain name checkers!

But all of them are able to do an essential thing, which is to check the domain names in bulk. Whichever one you go for, I am sure you won’t be left disappointed! With its assistance, your domain-checking process will be as straightforward and quick as possible.

Bulk domain checker – no limit

Haven’t found a bulk domain checker with no limits? Why not build one using a Domain Availability API? Such a service can’t be free because there are some cost involved. However, if there are other interested clients, they may be willing to pay for such a service.

What cost am I talking about? Writing the code that actually works (engineers and developers are not the cheapest workforce). You need some kind of server (system administrator also highly sought after workforce) that will support all those requests.

Sure, thousands domain checking requests are not a problem and a $5 droplet on DigitalOcean will do. But we are talking about a limitless bulk domain checker, and there are over 300 million domain names. You think a $5 droplet can handle millions of requests.

Then you have to update everything. Maybe not every month, but programming code gets old quickly, and combine that with any other problem you will face (pandemic, inflation, war) you quickly forget the word free.

Who knows, $9 per month for an unlimited bulk domain checker.


Goran Duskic has been the Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. since 2011, a company that specializes in developing APIs, including the well-known Whois API. He started his career in internet entrepreneurship in 2006 and has co-founded several online businesses, including a web hosting company that he later sold. Goran's work primarily involves creating practical API solutions to meet technological needs.

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