Improve your email marketing campaigns with these tips

In this technology-driven world, almost every business relies on email marketing. Every company uses the Internet and emails for their marketing needs. Although email marketing is very helpful and effective, it can also have adverse effects if not handled properly. To get more from your email marketing campaign, you need to practice the best email marketing practices. The worst problem or hurdle a new email marketer generally faces in today’s time is email blacklists. Automatically considering an email as spam is a major issue often encountered in email marketing campaigns. As we all know, email blacklists are lists having some criteria to determine an email to be spam sent by any e-mailer, domain, or dedicated IP address. Several of these blacklists can be created by anyone receiving and processing the emails. Along with this, not getting notified about these blacklists is also a big problem for email marketers, as it impacts their marketing a lot.

To make a successful email marketing campaign, you need to identify and encounter email blacklisting and other online threats. This will help in reducing their risks and impacts.

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A few tips for making your email marketing successful

  • Deliverability
    The worst thing that can happen to an email is for it to not be delivered to the recipient because of being tagged as spam. Several legitimate emails are also flagged as spam, resulting in no delivery to the client or recipient. So the first step in a successful email campaign is having a good deliverability ratio. You should be careful while selecting an email marketing service provider and make sure that it is not blacklisted. A blacklisted email service provider can never provide you a good deliverability ratio. Also, make sure that you don’t use a blacklisted domain name.
  • Can-Spam complaint
    Make sure your email newsletter is CAN-SPAM compliant. Having a double opt-in subscription is highly recommended for a successful email marketing campaign. This gives your subscribers an easy option to unsubscribe anytime from your email newsletter, whenever they wish. However, CAN-SPAM law requires a physical postal address from the email publishers to assure your subscribers that you are a legitimate company.
  • Provide both versions of text formats
    Although HTML newspapers have more benefits than plain text format email newsletters, it is necessary to send both formats to subscribers to choose from. Each format is preferred by different people for different reasons. HTML newsletters are better and are more beneficial than plain text newsletters, but due to security reasons, some people neglect to receive them. Some people use malicious scripts in HTML newsletters, mostly used for financial fraud attempts.
  • The content and sender field
    For a successful email campaign, it is very important to use one specific name in all your emails instead of using different names. Different names generally reduce the open rate. So be specific and use either company’s name or a personal name. After the sender’s name, content or the subject field is the second most important factor to decide the success of an email marketing campaign. The subject or content that you send should be engaging, attractive, and concise to make a better impact on the receiver.
  • Segmentation and personalization
    Segmentation and personalization are the most important part of an email marketing campaign. For a successful email marketing campaign, it is very necessary to create a good segmentation for your email newsletter. Personalization too is important in the content or subject field. For a better open ratio, more marketers tend to use the subscriber’s first name in the subject line.
  • Timing plays a major role
    Timing plays a great role in deciding whether your email will be checked or not. The best time to send the emails usually lies in the middle of the week. Tuesday to Thursday act as the favorable days and timing for making a successful email marketing campaign. However, it is nowhere written that the rest of the days can’t be utilized to make the same result. Another thing that needs to be decided and monitored is the frequency of emails. They also play an important role in deciding the impacts of the emails delivered. However, deciding the frequency as per your content and subject can give the best outcome.

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How to measure the impact

The last but not the least, after following all the necessary and important ways to run a marketing campaign, how do you decide if a campaign worked effectively for you or not? Tracking and receiving the open rate, deliverability rate, etc. can help you decide the success of your email marketing campaigns. With the help of different email tracking software, you can easily get these counts and decide what you did right and where you were lacking.

So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to reduce the impact of several online threats. They will help you in experiencing a positive change in your email marketing campaigns.

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