10 tips on how to make great landing pages

It’s not like all of a sudden, and landing pages are this trendy thing. It turned out, after years of work, it is easier to convert website visitors if they land on a dedicated page. A dedicated landing page can be focused on a product, service, or information. These types of pages are usually very connected to some type of sales process and therefore focused on converting. With that, it’s easy to assume that mostly non-technical personnel (marketing and sales) will have the most interaction.

Improving and tweaking landing pages is an important part of conversion rate optimization. This is a never-ending process, and including a dedicated developer for every change would be extremely expensive. Because of these factors, tools were built that made it easier for people without developer skills to edit and improve them.

How to make great landing pages

How to make great landing pages

Quick basic recap, what are landing pages?

For many digital marketers, a landing page is a page that a visitor lands on after clicking on a promotional link. But that is not correct. The different pages of a website, like the Homepages, About Us pages, or Contact Us pages, simply do not make landing pages. A landing page, also known as a squeeze page, is an individual web page, detached from website navigation and developed with the whole intention of convincing a visitor to take action. The potential of this standalone page is to convince a visitor to sign up, buy, download, or fill request or inquiry form, and so on.

Landing pages have become popular among businesses as they have the ability to deliver high revenue. According to Hubspot, businesses using 40 or more landing pages generate 120% more leads than those using less than 5. From this research, one can easily understand that if you need more conversions, you need more landing pages.

With that, we can conclude that more landing pages mean more business opportunities. What should you consider before building meaningful landing pages? You need to make them great so that you get the desired outcome. Before creating meaningful landing pages, you should consider many things.

Your goal

In an ideal situation, what would you want your visitors to do when they reach your landing pages? Would they purchase something or fill out a form? Sign up for your weekly newsletter or download a presentation. So the first step for any plan should be to understand what your objectives are. If you are clear about them, you will be successful in your mission. Think of this as the beginning of a funnel.

What has to happen for someone to open the landing page, and what has to happen afterward? A landing page is just a means to an end, just one step in the process.

Monitor your competitors

In today’s competitive world, a business can only perform well if they are monitoring what others are doing in order to achieve success. If your competitors are doing something that is yielding them good results, you should monitor the strategies closely and try to follow them. You might get better results. You can also check what works in other industries, and hopefully, you can replicate what is working for them. However, don’t create landing pages just because you read. You need to create landing pages.

Your audience

Before creating landing pages, you should know your audience in much depth, for example, determining their hopes, needs, and expectations. The better you understand them, the better you can solve their needs and expectations. Without knowing who your ideal customers are, it is quite difficult to write a persuasive copy in the language of your customer. So, know your audience properly.

Know how your customers reached your landing page?

You should find out how your customers reached your landing pages. This will help you in changing the message depending on where your visitors came from. It has been found that companies with more than 30 landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those who have just a few of them. Practically, you should have a customized landing page for every advertisement group.

Now the question is how to create great landing pages that convert.

Tips on making great landing pages

Tips on making great landing pages

Crisp, attractive, simple, and uncluttered design

This is the first thing you should keep in mind while creating compelling pages. Your landing pages should offer all the necessary information but not that much as to make the customers drift away and look for other options. Ensure your page has relevant information your customers are looking for and nothing more than that. Deliver on your promise! If in your ad you promised a very interesting ebook, get to the point right away on your landing page.

According to digital marketers, a landing page should have a clear, crisp design that gives solutions to all the queries of the visitors. Navigation should be easy, all relevant information should be there, and nothing should come in between the visitor and the conversion.

High-quality content that compels visitors to take action

Remember, content is king. High-quality content will inspire trust in your customers. You should upload rich, relevant, useful content that engages your customers. As I wrote in my previous advice, a good ebook is a good reason for someone to interact positively on a landing page. For example, I am giving away a 22 pages white paper about domain names filled with case studies, groundbreaking research, and twelve unavoidable conclusions that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Impressive call to action

Your landing page should be present in the headline text as well as the button text. You should tell your visitors what you want them to do in big, bold text.

Use compelling videos and images

Video landing pages make complex products more accessible and entertain your visitors at the same time. Also, add bright, attractive, eye-catching images for enhanced user experience. If you need some good ideas, I wrote a post on how we’ve created a WhoAPI explainer video, you can read about it here.

Fast mobile-friendly landing page

You should have a mobile-friendly landing page that works nicely on mobile devices. This can double your conversion rate. Furthermore, since this is a landing page where we expect the conversion to happen swiftly, the website speed has to be in the top percentile! Check your website speed with one of these tools, and learn how to improve your page speed.

Follow-up with a Thank You page

The thank-you page is a great way to guide visitors to other things on your website. This page is an ideal place to suggest related products, guides, and information that your visitors may find helpful or other important links like your company blog or news section.

Top landing pages service providers

  • GetResponse – GetResponse lets you develop high-converting, mobile-friendly responsive web pages, which will help in generating interest, leads, and revenue for your business.
  • AWeber – AWeber is a popular landing page provider for many businesses to grow their list.
  • Leadpages – Leadpages is a trusted service provider helping businesses in every industry with compelling landing pages.
  • Unbouce – Unbounce helps businesses create landing pages fast and get more conversions.
  • Instapage – Instapage is one of the most powerful platforms for creating landing pages to generate good conversion rates.

Are you now closer to knowing how to make great landing pages? Do you have a compelling landing page or tips to share? You can do that in the comments!


Goran Duskic has been the Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. since 2011, a company that specializes in developing APIs, including the well-known Whois API. He started his career in internet entrepreneurship in 2006 and has co-founded several online businesses, including a web hosting company that he later sold. Goran's work primarily involves creating practical API solutions to meet technological needs.

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