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Unfortunately, our Whois API doesn’t parse Bulgarian whois, at the moment. But please let us know if you require it for your project. As of March 2021, the IANA root database includes 1589 TLDs, and it’s hard to parse and update all of them. We often update the list of supported TLDs here. With that being said, let’s see what we know about whois .BG.

Bulgarian WHOIS Service and the .BG ccTLD

The .BG country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the Internet country code top-level domain for Bulgaria. Managed by the Register.BG, the official registry appointed by the local government. The .BG domain has been instrumental in shaping the digital identity of Bulgarian entities on the Internet. As with other ccTLDs, the .BG domain is vital for companies and individuals wishing to establish a virtual presence connected to Bulgaria, offering recognition and local branding.

Bulgaria, a picturesque country nestled in the heart of the Balkans, is renowned for its rich mosaic of culture, history, and natural beauty. From the sun-kissed beaches along its Black Sea coastline to the rugged mountain ranges that dominate its interior, Bulgaria offers a diverse landscape that captivates and inspires.

National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sunset aerial view of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria – Shutterstock

Its cities are treasure troves of historical significance, showcasing a blend of Thracian, Roman, and Byzantine relics alongside their modern-day zest. As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria stands as a testament to resilience and growth, preserving its unique heritage while embracing the winds of contemporary progress.

Introduction to the .BG Domain

The .BG ccTLD was introduced January 3, 1995, aligning with the global expansion of the internet. Since then, it has become a significant part of Bulgaria’s digital infrastructure. Companies, individuals, and organizations seeking to denote their presence in Bulgaria or cater to Bulgarian customers often register a .BG domain. This not only enhances the local relevance of a website but also contributes to better search engine rankings within the region.

The Role of Register.BG

Register.BG is responsible for the administration and management of the .BG namespace. Their responsibilities include domain registration, renewal, and resolution of disputes regarding domain names. They ensure that the .BG domain operates smoothly and securely, maintaining the integrity and reliability expected of a national domain registry.

The .BG WHOIS Service


The WHOIS service in Bulgaria is a crucial component of the .BG domain infrastructure. It provides a publicly accessible database containing details about registered .BG domains. This includes information about domain registrants, registration dates, expiry dates, and contact information. The Bulgarian WHOIS service is instrumental for various stakeholders:

  1. Domain Owners: They can verify their domain’s registration details and ensure their contact information is up to date.
  2. Law Enforcement and Legal Entities: They perform WHOIS batch lookups to identify domain owners for legal and investigative purposes.
  3. Businesses and Researchers: They analyze domain data for market research, brand protection, and competitive analysis.

Privacy and Compliance

Register.BG and the Bulgarian WHOIS service are committed to user privacy and data protection. With the advent of global data protection regulations like the GDPR, the registry has implemented measures to safeguard personal information. While the WHOIS service aims to maintain transparency in the domain registration process, it also respects the privacy rights of domain owners, ensuring a balance between accessibility of information and privacy.

Fictional representation of Bulgaria
Fictional image that represents the essence of Bulgaria, capturing its natural beauty, rich heritage, and cultural vibrancy.

The .BG ccTLD and the Bulgarian WHOIS service play pivotal roles in Bulgaria’s digital landscape. As the digital gateway to Bulgaria, the .BG domain helps businesses and individuals establish a local presence. This enhances their relevance and connectivity in the region. Meanwhile, the WHOIS service offers a transparent view into the domain registration process, promoting a secure and trustworthy domain environment. Together, they contribute to a robust and reliable digital identity for Bulgaria on the global stage.

Testing our Whois API on whois BG

As you can see from the screenshot below, we get a response 7. Per our API documentation, response 7 means: “Whois server not yet supported. We are adding new servers on a monthly basis.” Usually this means that you need to contact us, so that we can try to integrate this in our Whois API, and Domain Availability API.

.bg whois example


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