List of Domain & Web Hosting Conferences in 2020

Conferences are coming back around the world after a lot of pressure due to the coronavirus outbreak. Before jumping to the list, let me give a short intro on why we focus on domain and web hosting conferences.

Owning and maintaining a website requires a lot of hard work from day one. We like to experiment, adapt, learn, overcome, and eventually succeed in our intention. Among those demands, two terms intervened. These terms required an explanation: domain, and web hosting. First, let’s break them down to get a better understanding of their meaning and importance. I will break it down in an effortless manner that is not scary at all (promised!).

A top-level and a second-level domain

Domain (or domain name) is, most simply put, the name of your website – the URL, which is connected to your dedicated IP address. Computers are much more into numbers than we are, and they use them to identify a request (via the IP address). To make it much more practical, a domain name is set up mainly so you don’t have to remember 10, or even more numbers, but words that are simpler to memorize.
For example, let’s take WordPress. When you want to visit the official homepage, you probably type in, but you also use their IP address: to get to the well-known website. It’s up to you which one to use, but I think we both agree on the more desirable method. When you type in an address or click on it through a search engine, you enter the Domain Name System (DNS for short. It analyzes the request and enables you to get to the website you asked for. The domain works on two levels;

In practice, it looks like this:

These two levels correspond to producing a website. As we know, they are fully customizable.

Web hosting

Web hosting serves as a huge database that allows you to store files you upload on the Internet. When you run a website, it’s filled with resources (scripts, images, files, accounts, tools, etc.). All of those elements that form a website are stored and hosted on computers called servers. And when you enter a website, that computer will connect to your particular server and present the visitors with all content through the browser.

There are multiple types of hosting that you can choose from to find the perfect fit for your needs, including

  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting

All of those options have different specifications and are made to suit every possible user. They are distinct by their simplicity of usage, optimization towards a certain platform, speed, size, price, properties, etc. Your job is to browse through the options and find the one that fulfills your needs ideally, rather than picking a random one that might not be your best bet.

Paying special attention to the domain name and web hosting is of critical importance. They influence the page rank, search traffic, SEO, branding, or an inability to create sub-domains, inability to create a forum, custom webpages, a limited picture size, a limited amount of custom e-mail addresses (to a very small number), small size of an individual page and so on. There are so many different things that you can benefit from if applying specific methods and so much to lose if you aren’t paying them enough attention.

And if it’s in your blood to learn, discover possibilities, and get these strategies cozy inside your pocket, what better way to evolve than by attending domain conferences in 2020?

You’ve had this talk with yourself. This is going to be a year of change, improving, learning, and discovering, right? I’m here to help you out with a decision both you and your blog will be grateful for.
In these conferences, you will pick up on some insane domain and web hosting strategies you didn’t even presume existed. All different angles to perceive the future of the digital world, thorough explanations of every tool that improves your business, SEO, advertising and marketing tips, and many more topics every content creator needs to embrace.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the domain conferences:

Domain pulse

We start off the list with a conference held in Innsbruck Austria from February 20th-21st. It’s organized by:
DENIC eG – a central registry for all domains below the top-level domain .de. This company provides an automatic electronic registration system and operates a network of nameservers worldwide. – is an Austrian registry for .at and .co domains with the purpose of promoting the Internet of Austria. has been providing in-house technologies such as the “tldbox” registry program. They also provide “RcodeZero DNS” Anycast-Domain Name System through sister companies to external customers since 2010. Lastly, you can rely on them to offer guidance to applicants for new Top Level Domains.

SWITCH – SWITCH brought the Internet to Switzerland 30 years ago as a partner to the universities. Their expertise are developing Internet services for researchers, lecturers, students, and commercial customers.
With great speakers that have been involved in the business for decades, with outstanding experience and knowledge, you can expect to learn all about the next generation of Internet Governance, the DNS, AI technologies, registries, and so much more. Every session is translated into English, so there is no language barrier. Locked and loaded, ready for your attendance!

7th Middle East DNS Forum

On the eastern side of the globe, another remarkable domain conference in 2020 will be happening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Mark down the 24th and 25th of March.

The goal of this conference is to bring together field experts and affected parties to discuss and share knowledge and experiences about the latest trends in the global domain marketplace. By attending this event, you can expect to gain knowledge about ICANN and its role in all relevant fields, the DNS, its correlation with HTTPS and TLS, new emerging technologies, cyber threat landscape, DNS security, international domain names, and so much more.

The conference is shaped towards resellers, web hosting companies, registries, commercial and non-commercial registrants, and end-users, of course. Stay up to date with recent developments and top emerging trends, grow by adapting to new environments and schemes, engage in all aspects of the business. Lastly, use this opportunity to expand your network with policymakers, leaders, and true professionals in the business.


With exceptional speakers, experts from the tech region, branders, with a goal of overcoming any challenge, no wonder their motto is “Ready. Set. Engage. ”

This three-day summit takes place in Paris, France, and it will be held from the 3rd-6th of May.
It gives all applicants an intimate venue to discuss developments and trends in the industry, as well as network and address obstacles. GDD is short for Global Domains Division, which implies that they know and understand domains inside out. Their extraordinary knowledge is ready to be transferred.
Implementation of EPDP, Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), Framework for Domain Owner Verification, DNSSEC DS/KEY management, DNS abuse, and many more topics are scheduled for discussion. With the experts in the spotlight, it’s no coincidence that this is one of the most valued summits in their respective field.


A festival celebrating the digital culture, innovation, progress and learning is what LOGIN is all about. It’s held in Vilnius Lithuania, and it represents the most significant exhibition and congress venue in the Baltics.

It’s a place where creative folks, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts gather to exchange ideas, skills, possibilities, and experiences for future success and advancements.

The whole idea started in 2007, and from a bloggers’ gathering escalated to an exhibition with over 6000 attendees and over 100 speakers. Regardless if you’re a cryptocurrency expert, a talented artist, a mathematician of currency, or a star on the rise, you will undoubtedly benefit from the lessons picked up in this brainstorming place. The conference will be held from 28-29 of May this year.

EuroDIG 2020

The Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG) is an open platform for informal and inclusive debate of Internet Governance (IG) – related public policy concerns.
Its purpose is to exchange opinions about the Internet and how it’s controlled. The goal is promoting engagement in a dialog between multi-stakeholders to pass on their expertise.
This year, EuroDIG will be a satellite event of the “European City of Science in 2020 “, located in Trieste. It will be held from the 10th-12th of June. The main topics and focus areas of this year’s summit include all matter access, DNS, 5G, community networks, data governance and security, and more pending!

NamesCon Europe

After NamesCon 2016 and NamesCon 2017 is one of the biggest and most anticipated domain conferences in 2020. It recognizes the fast expansion of Internet connectivity worldwide and brings its focus on Top Level Domains (TLD).
This is an event that brings together domain investors to contribute with their ideas, form new partnerships and expand the knowledge of all participants.

The convention is a part of the domain name association, a registrar and registry organization that promotes the domain business. With exceptional speakers that possess colossal experience and unquestionable knowledge of the matter, this is a conference to attend. It will be held in Budapest Hungary, 6th-8th of August.

The International IFIP Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction (CD-MAKE)

This cross-domain conference is committed to providing an international platform for new ideas. It also takes a closer look at techniques that make crazy ideas put to work and benefit from it in a business that will influence all human beings.
Their goal is to bring together researchers from machine learning and knowledge extraction areas to promote innovative ideas and facilitate multi-disciplinary problem solving. With a motto: “Science is to test crazy ideas – Engineering is to put these ideas into business! “, this conference is an accurate representation of entrepreneurship and innovation. It takes place in Dublin, Ireland on August, 24-28.

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

In our list of domain conferences in 2020, Domain Driven Design (or DDD for short) deserves a special place reserved for Senior Developers, team leads, Software Architects, and domain design explorers.
It will be held on September 14-18, in Keystone Colorado. This conference emphasizes interacting and engaging with professional speakers. They come from an international community of industry experts, software architects, developers, and technical leaders with a goal of expanding your skills in software modeling and design and customizing your professional development.

This conference does not focus on a particular programming language, so it will be easy to follow even if you don’t recognize the codes at first sight.

The Next Web

Residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Next Web is another domain conference in 2020 to look out for. With their history of almost 15 years, the company mastered the art of technological advance and start-up strategies.

This year’s conference will include speakers from packs of leaders, CEOs, authors, directors, researchers, freelancers, and many more sectors with big names and even bigger ideas.
The topics range from web design, developing, DNS, and start-ups, all the way to retail, artificial intelligence, and technology. In essence, this summit is the whole package when it comes to present-day and future trends.

With their carefully planned panels and partners like Nike, Booking, Google, IBM and many more, this event is a real masterpiece and music to the ears of every technology lover. It will take place on the 1st and 2nd October of 2020.

Web Summit

Counting on through domain conferences in 2020, you stumble upon Web Summit, which has been described by Forbes as “the best technology conference on the planet.” From there, you can immediately get a perspective on the quality you can expect.

The founders, CEO’s, successful start-ups, even heads of states are gathered at this event to give a perspective on how to advance in various fields. The mission is to raise brand awareness, which is guaranteed by 2,500 journalists with a reach of over 3 billion people.

You will pick up on thought leadership and improve your networking skills. Topics like deep tech, data science, design, and environmental sustainability are all well covered and explained by experts that researched those fields for decades. With over 70.000 people set to visit Lisbon and attend the Web Summit from the 2-5 of November, it assures another insanely efficacious summit you need to be a part of.

NOAH20 London

As a next-generation leader, you require support and instructions from most successful digital companies and leaders. This is exactly what NOAH provides.

It’s characterized as Europe’s leading digital growth investment conference. It hosts over 100 CEOs and experts presenting their knowledge on the Main Stage. It conducts its lessons through connecting, transparency through content and data, matching companies with investors, and helping to capitalize on digital growth and advancement.

It produced over 2,500 speakers over the years, 50% of European digital unicorns on stage, 52% of top 100 M&A deals, and over $4 billion through 670 start-up stage raising.
This conference allows you to learn from high-quality speakers and find solutions to the most complex challenges. With access to top service providers, it gives you ideas to speed up the growth, drive coast efficiency, and reach & present your ideas to potential partners. The NOAH20 takes place in London on the 4th and 5th of November 2020.


The world relies on technology, and its toll on our everyday life has never been bigger. It’s one of the most profitable fields of science. If it’s combined with your own passion for the IT world, you definitely hit the jackpot.

You may be focused on a particular department, but don’t let that deceive you that the IT world won’t bring you loads of benefits that you can implement in your own work. Learning, expanding and progressing are the only true keys to success. If you desire to adapt habits from true leaders and chiefs, be ready to soak every word spoken on these domain conferences in 2020. Invest in talks worthy of your time!


Goran Duskic has been the Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. since 2011, a company that specializes in developing APIs, including the well-known Whois API. He started his career in internet entrepreneurship in 2006 and has co-founded several online businesses, including a web hosting company that he later sold. Goran's work primarily involves creating practical API solutions to meet technological needs.

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