.FR WHOIS: France’s ccTLD

We continue populating our list of ccTLDs and gTLDs. As you know, our Domain Availability API and Whois API allow programmatically domain availability and Whois checks. Put on your hat and let’s find out whois .FR! As one of the largest ccTLDs, France’s introduces .fr domain. The .fr domain stands as the beacon of France’s digital presence, encapsulating the essence of French culture, innovation, and identity on the internet.

As the country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) for France, .fr is a pivotal component of the nation’s online infrastructure, offering a platform for businesses, individuals, and communities to establish a recognizable and trusted online presence. This article delves into the .FR WHOIS system, exploring its significance, functionality, and the vibrant digital domain it oversees.

The Significance of .FR in Digital Domain Management

The .fr domain is not just a digital address; it’s a symbol of authenticity and affiliation with France. It serves as a key identifier for French entities wishing to highlight their presence in the digital world, enhancing visibility and trust among users both domestically and internationally. Managed with a focus on security, stability, and trust, the .fr domain supports France’s thriving online economy and rich digital culture, enabling seamless access to digital services and content.

Understanding WHOIS in the Context of .FR

WHOIS services offer public access to data on domain registrations, providing details about domain owners, their contact information, domain status, and key dates such as registration and expiration. For .fr domains, the WHOIS system is administered by AFNIC (the French Network Information Centre), the governing body responsible for the .fr registry. The .FR WHOIS system is crucial for maintaining transparency within the digital domain, aiding in cybersecurity, legal processes, and effective domain management.

Governance of .FR ccTLD

AFNIC, a non-profit organization, oversees the .fr domain, ensuring the ccTLD’s operational integrity and alignment with both national and international standards. AFNIC’s stewardship of .fr reflects France’s dedication to enabling an open, secure, and accessible internet, promoting innovation and digital growth across the nation.

A ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) is a two-letter domain extension designated specifically for a country or territory, based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes. These domain extensions are part of the global Domain Name System (read what is DNS here) and are used to signify websites’ geographic affiliations, providing a means for internet users to identify the country of origin or target audience of a website.

Examples of ccTLDs include:

France’s ccTLD is one of the most popular ccTLDs in the World.

Each ccTLD is managed by a designated registry within the respective country or territory, which sets the policies for domain registration and use. ccTLDs are used by individuals, businesses, organizations, and governmental entities to showcase their presence in a specific geographical location. They are crucial for localizing content, services, and products to cater to the cultural and linguistic preferences of internet users within that locale.

The management and policies surrounding ccTLDs can vary significantly from one country to another, including registration requirements, who can register domains, and how they can be used. This flexibility allows countries to tailor their domain space to meet national needs and interests while participating in the global internet community.

France’s Digital Landscape Through .FR

France boasts a dynamic digital landscape, characterized by a strong internet economy, cutting-edge technological research, and widespread digital engagement among its population. The .fr domain is at the heart of this digital activity, offering a trusted platform for French innovations, services, and cultural content to reach a global audience.

Paris, France – Photo by Rodrigo Kugnharski on Unsplash

.FR WHOIS: A Pillar of Digital Stewardship

The .FR WHOIS database serves as a vital tool for various stakeholders, enabling domain researchers, cybersecurity experts, legal professionals, and the general public to access essential information about domain registrations. This system supports efforts to verify domain ownership, resolve disputes, and enhance online security, all while adhering to privacy regulations that protect registrants’ personal information.

Started in September 1986 by AFNIC which also ma“.aeroport.fr”, “.avocat.fr”, “.chambagri.fr”, “.chirurgiens-dentistes.fr”, “.experts-comptables.fr”, “.geometre-expert.fr”, “.medecin.fr”, “.notaires.fr”, “.pharmacien.fr”, “.port.fr”, “.veterinaire.fr”.

Challenges and Considerations in .FR WHOIS Access

Accessing WHOIS information for .fr domains requires navigating privacy laws and AFNIC’s policies, which have evolved to balance transparency with individuals’ rights to privacy. Users of the WHOIS service must respect these guidelines, using the data responsibly and in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

The Future of .FR

As the digital world continues to evolve, the .fr domain remains a fundamental aspect of France’s digital identity, adapting to new challenges and opportunities. With initiatives like the introduction of new second-level domains and enhanced security measures, AFNIC is poised to ensure that .fr continues to serve as a robust, secure, and innovative ccTLD for France.

This WHOIS JSON record provides details about the domain “france.fr,” showcasing the domain’s status and registration information while also highlighting compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy rules. Here’s an analysis of the key elements within the record:

  1. General Information:
    • WHOIS Server: Managed by “whois.nic.fr,” indicating that the registry for .fr domains, operated by AFNIC (the French Network Information Centre), processed the query.
    • Status: “Successfully processed” with a status code of “0” suggests the query was completed without issues.
    • Registered: The domain is currently registered, as indicated by “true.”
  2. Domain Registration Details:
    • Date Created: The domain was initially registered on February 15, 2008.
    • Date Expires: The registration is set to expire on January 30, 2026.
    • Date Updated: The last update to the domain’s information occurred on February 11, 2024.
  3. Domain Status:
    • The record lists multiple statuses including “ACTIVE,” “associated,” and “ok,” which generally indicate the domain is in good standing and functioning normally. The presence of “not identified” statuses might reflect specific conditions or configurations not recognized by the WHOIS parser or are placeholders for non-disclosed information due to privacy settings.
  4. Nameservers:
    • “dns102.ovh.net” and “ns102.ovh.net” are listed as the domain’s nameservers, suggesting that OVH, a major European hosting provider, manages the domain’s DNS settings.
  5. Privacy and GDPR Compliance:
    • WHOIS Raw: The mention of “Disabled due to GDPR” shows adherence to the GDPR, limiting the public display of certain personal information.
    • Contacts: Details for the registrar, registrant, admin, and tech contacts are either not provided or marked as “Disabled due to GDPR,” reflecting privacy measures.
  6. Registrar Information:
    • The domain’s registrar is identified as “OVH,” a well-known internet service provider and domain registrar, indicating where the domain was registered.
  7. Miscellaneous:
    • “_cached”: false indicates that the information is freshly retrieved with a Live Whois API.
    • “Requests available”: 45 might refer to the number of remaining WHOIS queries available to the requester before reaching a service limit.

This WHOIS record for “france.fr” provides a snapshot of the domain’s registration and status while emphasizing the impact of GDPR on the availability of registrant information, ensuring a balance between transparency in domain registration and the protection of personal data.


The .fr domain and its WHOIS system symbolize France’s strong and diverse digital identity, embodying the nation’s spirit of innovation, cultural richness, and commitment to a secure and inclusive online world. As France forges ahead in the digital age, the .fr ccTLD will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the country’s engagement with the global internet community, reinforcing its position as a leader in the digital era.


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