A fun, new and creative way of looking up incredible .com domain names

Here are a few scenarios on how to use WhoAPI domain checker – WDC so that you can find incredible .com and .net domain names that are available for $10 registrations.

1. Scenario – geo domains for SEO and AdWords

In the first box enter cities, countries, streets, neighborhoods, boroughs or any type of keyword that represents a certain location.
Example: US, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Rome, Stockholm, Rijeka, Brooklyn, Hollywood, TwinPeaks. Note that if it consists of two words, type them together.

In the second box enter keywords that you would use to describe your company, product or services you provide.
Example: hairstylist, hairdresser, shampoo, scissors, hair, hairextensions.

Put in as many words as you can think of, and if you aren’t feeling creative try finding some synonyms or use Keyword planner in Google AdWords.

geo domains for seo and adwords

Geo domains for SEO and Adwords

What are these domains good for?

1. These domains can help you with your SEO strategy, or reducing the cost of your Google AdWords campaigns.

2. If you are a domain investor, you can build websites on them, generate relevant niche content, and offer local businesses to advertise to targeted audience, or just buy the entire product. The end result would be finding a domain like HollywoodHairdresser.com or HairdresserHollywood.com If you are not in that industry, you may think that’s not valuable, but ask the hairdressers in Hollywood, or people that pay $200 there to get a haircut. Which brings to point number 3.

3. Build a website with great content to attract niche traffic, and then offer local business to display ads. I am sure the hairdressers of Hollywood would like to advertise their services at HairdresserHollywood.com if that website had 1000 visitors per day. Not just hairdressers, but surely shampoo makers, professional scissors companies, hair extensions providers and other utility manufacturers that cater to that industry.

2. Scenario – short brandable domains

In the first box enter 2 letters, a consonant and a vowel.
Example: go, ti, ka, le, du, mo, bo.

In the second box enter 3 letters (since we know we can’t find any 4 letter .com domains) with the last letter being a vowel .
Example: pri, tra, bru, kse, mno, vri.

brandable five letter com domains

Brandable five letter .com domains

In the first box enter 2 letters, a consonant and a vowel.
Example: go, ti, ka, le, du, mo, bo.

In the second box also enter 2 letters a consonant and a vowel.
Example: pi, ta, bu, ke, mo, vi.

And then add a third box and enter 2 letters a consonant and a vowel.
Example: pi, ta, bu, ke, mo, vi.

six letter brandable com domains

Six letter brandable com domains

What are these domains good for? Depending on your language and pronunciation it is different which types sound better. You will see, majority of those are also taken, but there are a few gems out there that are still available. Having a brandable five letter .com domain in today’s world can give you that edge ahead of your competition. Obviously, you could go with 4 letter .net domains, but if it’s for your new startup, I wouldn’t advise that. Who knows, maybe you find a domain like titra.com, kavri.com or bokse.com perfect for your online presence. Again, you may not like those mentioned here, but there are so many combinations, I am 100% sure you will find at least one that is available for $10. I think they are certainly better from the get go than some domains that you have to explain (to say the least). Like nwplyng.com or unbxd.com mentioned in this TheNextWeb article.

You might think much of domains like gomopi.com, tipike.com and dumota.com, but try comparing them too other less intuitive domains you saw, and have in mind that dukeke.com, lebupi.com and bovimo.com and hundreds of other combinations have been registered by someone else.

3. scenario – Is something I call a “fun combo”

In the first box you enter fun and witty words.
Example: go, fun, ultimate, killer, major, full, free, fresh, best, mega.

In the second box enter keywords that you would use to describe your company, product or services you provide. You can also add a third box with a location keyword.
Example: golf, ace, birdie, bogey, caddie, carry, divot

Fun domains for domain investing

Fun domains for domain investing

Fun geo domains for niche blogs

Fun geo domains for niche blogs

What type of domains do you get? You could find domains like funbirdie.com or killercaddie.com which are spectacular $10 investments if you are in the golf industry. I am no expert in golf, and I am sure you can do better, but it’s so much fun, and it’s so easy! It took me 1 minute to find $10 domains such as ultimatedivotusa.commajorgolfeurope.comfullbogeyusa.com and a handful more!


4. scenario - You

What are you waiting for? Head over to WDC and start thinking of new ways to look for great affordable .com domains, and please share with us how you are finding those awesome domains. Remember, if there are more awesome domains out there we are together Making Internet Awesome. A little warning though, if you plan to make a lot of queries you are going to need a paid API key. Also have in mind that the paint on this sucker is still wet in some areas, so it will take some time to make everything work perfectly.



Get advanced domain data like structured whois info, domain availability, spam blacklists check, server uptime from all our world wide nodes and many more valuable data. All that in XML and JSON well-structured fields, easily parsed with php, .net, ruby and other programming languages. WhoAPI is a good solution for automated and mass 'domain details' requests.

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3 most dangerous trends facing domain name owners

Dangerous trend #1 – .com scarcity

Although TheNextWeb article “What’s in a startup’s name” suggest that: “While the necessity and buzz around yourname-dot-com domains have indeed died down in the past few years” and that “the trend for misspelled words and -ly won’t go away” there’s a whole lot going on behind those two statements. I find it extremely hard to believe that the buzz around .com domains have died since by now we are past 113.700.000 registered .com domains. That number is so insane, I am just going to write it down again. 113.700.000.

If you think the tide is shifting, you should know that this number grew 3.7% since last year and that there are over 100 000 .com domains registered every day. Oh yeah, the buzz is dead… “100 000 per day” dead. This number was pretty much constant for months, and growing for years, and it’s still a lot bigger than all other TLD registrations put together. Sure a lot of them gets deleted daily, (probably like the one I registered because of this research “Most expensive keywords in Adwords” CompareCommercialVehicleInsurance.com ), but a lot more get registered. Generic words on .com? Sure, get the world bank to help you finance that purchase.

Most expensive keywords in Google Adwords

Back in 2012 CPC was as high as $54.91 for some keywords. The rising of CPC can easily be a fourth dangerous trend.

There are a lot of potential domains out there, but since we know that there are no 4 letter domains, one thing’s probably not going to change anytime soon. We are running out of .coms.  It’s not getting better anytime soon.

By now you are probably saying; OK, Goran, I got it. No good .coms. Are you telling me I should register a new gTLD like .ninja? I don’t know, are you a ninja? I am still waiting for McDonalds to do their rebranding to McDonalds.burger or Coke.drink. I’ve read so much books on vision, “the why“, and I am sure those brands would avoid being boxed in at any cost! As soon as you admit you are just about “burgers” or “computers”, you get slaughtered by your competition. Getting a .berlin if you are a brick and mortar shop or a hair dresser around the corner makes sense. But if you are doing business globally, I am not willing to bet. Are you? Is anyone?

There’s one thing I am sure, every company online should own more than one website, and definitely more than one domain name. With 280 million registered domains out there, if you are one of those with one domain for your company, change that today! There’s a research that domain names impact your success on Adwords and when it comes to “keyword rich domains for SEO” each year there’s an article explaining how those domains are loosing value, but (it always comes with a “BUT”) there is some value in them.

To help you find those secondary domains for Adwords and domains for SEO, my team built a tool that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and with it I was already able to find some interesting domains, while having fun in the process.

WhoAPI Domain Checker

The service provides domain lookups in a new innovative way, and making it easy to do thousands of lookups, and finding geo domains (such as PlumberLondon.com, PlumberSheffield.com, PlumbingLondon, PlumbingSheffield) or finding brandable five letter domains by combining vowels and consonants. (ProVa.com, TroVa.com, ProVi.com TroVi.com). Naturally, I would suggest trying hundreds of combinations, not just 2 like described here.

Solution: Find great domains and invest

Dangerous trend #2 - The bigger the brand, the bigger the threat
Check this one out. Anyone can register a domain name containing a certain brand name. Lets say someone registers duracellbateries.com (an actual domain that’s available for registration for $10, and I officially advise you not to purchase that domain), and that someone builds a website, and offers to sell knock-off Duracell batteries in bulk. Sends spam, or optimizes quickly for a certain niche keyword, and does any kind of social media or viral promotion. Just in the matter of hours, the person could potentially harm Duracell’s brand in thousands of dollars.

Until there’s a fail safe, that prevents anyone from registering a trademark domains (not anytime soon) or some sort of notification inside your browser (not anytime soon), we could be scammed, and trademark (domain  name) owners could lose are loosing money!

There are companies like Lexsynergy.com that can protect your brand, and you could use our API to check the ownership of certain domain names (and proactively check new domains) but I fear that’s not enough, and that we will have to build new tools and services to help companies protect themselves online.

Also, the above example is just one scenario. Imagine if the domain name is imposing as a bank, trying to get your login details? Or email details (and with that, effectively get everything else). As an end user, you REALLY have to pay attention to what domain name exactly are you accessing! Is it gmail.com or gnail.com or a hacked folder.

Solution: Protect your brand before it’s too late.

Dangerous trend #3 - Online junk
I don’t have the data to back this one up, but after being online for 20 years (oh yeah I am online since 1995) and working intensely on my online businesses for 10 years (founded my first online business, a hosting company in 2005) I am going with my gut feeling on this one. In the past 20 years of the Internet we had tremendous growth of the Internet. Back in 1995 there were 9005 . com domains and today? Here’s that number again, 113.700.000. There are over 280 million domains registered globally.

.com domain stats for past 30 years

.com domain stats for past 30 years

I found out that back in April 2013 there was a total of 252 million domain names, and a total of 121.1 million .com and .net domains. Out of the 121.1 million 15% had no website, and 21% had a one page website. Wild guess and speculation on my end, 36% of those registered domains were useless to the end user. And what about the remaining 64%? Well there are thousands of websites that were generated with automated content to game the search engines, and there are content farms like the one created by Demand Media (and dare I say killed by Google?). Among the 64% there are gems like this one, and even though it’s 2015, some websites still have music. Music that I don’t like. And after you see this one, you begin to think that e-how’s content farm is actually providing real value. Worst website of the year.

Sadly enough, all that competes with your website on Google and on social media for the browsers attention. If you hope that someone else will solve this problem for you, and that you will come at the top just by doing everyone a favor and building a decent website, you are mistaken. You would think that Google is working hard to remove the junk out of the their results page, but I can tell you they are equally busy with Google glass, Google driverless car, and who knows what else.

We better start helping each other. If you see an ugly, useless website, tell the owner, and point them in a direction on how to make a great website. We better start building and using the tools that improve the SERP rankings of great companies and not the ones that do black hat SEO. If you see a great article, share it and blog about it so that you create the ripple effect. We are all in this together, and Internet isn’t going anywhere, and it is up to us to make it great. If we don’t, 10 years from now, we will realize how much we messed things up.

Solution: Make Internet Awesome

Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO of WhoAPI with decade of experience in business development, online marketing strategy in the hosting and domain industry.

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New gTLDs and brands


I believe that all of you are already familiar with the fact that the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) published a list of new, approved, top-level domains. Domains like .web, .hosting, .music, etc. are only some of them. That approval has caused users great delight, but on the other hand, worried famous brands. Apart from the above domains, there have been .wtf, .sucks, and others, which would be detrimental to them because malicious users can register and use it against them.

This fear is justified, because already there are over 84 applications* infringement of intellectual property at ICANN. Many large companies such as Apple registered the domain name with a number of new extensions, such as: apple.guru, iphone.guru, ipad.guru, mac.guru, imovie.camera.
Canon has also registered the names: canon.photography etc.

ICANN can immediately remove a domain name containing the brand name, while other abuses must be file a privately.

After all, there are few questions unanswered…

Should a smaller brand, worry about new gTLD packs?

The answer to this question is difficult to define because it all depends of what kind of industry you are in. If it is about the food or the IT industry, which is also the most vulnerable, then you definitely should take care to prevent the registration of such domain names by third parties by buying domain for yourself so it becomes protected ie. unavailable for others.

Can the newly approved gTLDs threaten the traditional domain?

The answer to this question is definitely negative. New gTLDs are not so much affected by the very popular domains like .com, .net, and others which have been going for years and the users choose most. It should also be noted that the substantial difference in price as another confirmation that the new gTLDs certainly don’t endanger the traditional.

A few tips in the end….

- Domain monitoring is recommended for better protection from infringement and better reactions in case it happens.
It is good to know that new domains are not the only danger. The danger was already here because malicious user can register *.com domain that is harmful for a brand, for example iphonesucks.com or something like that.
Also, malicious user can register gucciwatches.com domain and organize production and sale of copied Gucci watches from some country. They can make a viral ad and spam thousands of people. Final result would be making a profit from selling copies, but damaged (or should we say robbed) users and mostly – Gucci brand.
- Pre-registration (consider whether there is a real need for it)
- Make sure you have registered extensions like (.com / .net) or extension with your country’s TLD
- Keep in mind that some browsers do not support the new gTLDs yet (referring to Android devices)

The list of new gTLDs can be found here. Also, more information about the gTLD can be found on the official ICANN website.

Branimir Grabovac

Branimir founded a hosting company when he was 15 and sold it three years later to one of the biggest Croatian hosting companies. Branimir has 3+ years of experience in business development and more then 8 years of experience in web design and programming.

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