Domains for AdWords and SEO

You’ve got a great idea to start a new business or create a new product? Note that you must create a good website to present the same to your clients / customers. Before you even get there you are probably struggling with that first step – how to choose a good (domain) name?

Do not worry, you’re not alone. At a time when there are hundreds of millions of already registered domain names, it is very difficult to choose a quality and simple domain that will be of use. “Be of use” implies the search engines, or to put it in another way, “be found”. So, when choosing a domain for your website or business, it is very important that it meets some basic standards that will help you in SEO optimization and AdWords advertising.

Some Basic Differences Between SEO and AdWords:

  • SEO targets high traffic keywords mentioned on your website.
  • AdWords targets numerous variations that you have around particular keywords.
  • The SEO process on a website takes time before seeing optimum results.
  • AdWords runs on sites that register for Google Ads, the Google search engine and on Google Affiliate Sites.
  • SEO optimizes the site’s position, moving it up the ranks, ultimately moving it to the 1st page on Google.
  • With AdWords, client pays for each click a visitor makes on their advertisement, this could be costly.
  • With SEO the client does not pay for each click, it is rather a monthly cost that an SEO company in order for them to work on your website to get it to the first page of Google’s search results, and other search engines.
  • AdWords is a rapid method in generating your sales and leads.
  • If an AdWords client stops paying for the placement of their ad, their ad is pulled immediately.
  • If SEO is stopped, the ranking of their website decreases over a period of time. Moving their site
    down the ranks, from a ranking first to eventually dropping out of everybody’s sight on second page.

What is better for my company?

Depends. This can best be determined by analysis of what you sell. Organic SEO is usually expensive and time-consuming process. Although this can lead to significant payment and an excellent return on investment, organic SEO will usually require high monthly investment, or a lot of time, if it is done in-house.

In addition, organic SEO takes time to bear fruit. It is not uncommon for an organic campaign to start delivering results only after six months (or more) of hard work. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

When it comes to AdWords advertising, there are some distinct advantages of their own. AdWords campaign can be up and running in 24 hours. In addition it can be started with a much smaller budget. For this reason, AdWords can be a great program for smaller organizations or companies with lower budgets. AdWords is highly customizable allowing advertisers to quickly tweak, experiment with, and optimize campaigns on-the-fly.

Problems with Adwords & SEO:

Many keyword heavy domains are taken.

Take this research as an example. Out of 632 keywords in the most expensive niche on AdWords (insurance), all but one key phrase were taken as domain names.

So it’s obvious a lot of AdWords experts are using particular domain names for their AdWords strategies to get the edge against competition. If you are not doing it, start now.

Some basic tips when choosing a domain name are:

  • Short – easy to type
  • Memorable – you will build your brand faster and easier
  • .com – recommended if you plan to sell your products / services internationally
  • Easy to type – no space for typing mistakes

On the same note try to avoid:

  • Long domains stuffed with keywords – it will not help for better positioning
  • Multi-term domain names – hard to remember, the possibility of errors
  • Numbers and special characters etc.

Research your keywords.

You need to do your homework and see if your idea can get a domain that it’s good for SEO. Enter the keywords that you think are the best choice and see if it is really so using the Google Keyword Planner.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

It is this research that is necessary to look for keywords that are balanced in this terms:

Global Monthly Searches – this will help you to see how popular the keyword is, and how many people are searching for that keyword with the approximation of each month. Larger number, the more chances you have to get a large amount of traffic to your website.

CPC – it will tell you what is the average cost per click for the keyword in AdWords. This is important because of the high converting keywords are really expensive and those words with a high CPC is likely to give visitors that relate to your business and convert better.

Competition – This information will tell you how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. With high competition you will have a really hard time trying to rank higher in the search engines, they look for high and low competition.

After you determine some quality keywords, to verify the domain, you can use our WDC service that allows you to quickly and easily check whether the requested domain free.


Domain availability checks with Javascript

Domain availability checks with Javascript

After checking the “go” button, the WDC will show you available domains for chosen keywords and that’s it. The only thing that’s left to do is to choose a domain registry to register your that best domain for your business. :)

Branimir Grabovac

Branimir founded a hosting company when he was 15 and sold it three years later to one of the biggest Croatian hosting companies. Branimir has 3+ years of experience in business development and more then 8 years of experience in web design and programming.

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Available 4 letter domain names

As you may know, back in December 2013 we did a large domain availability research, and proved that all 4 letter .com domain names are taken (at least the ones consisting only of constonants and vovels of english aphabet). Here’s a quote:

We used our domain API to check all the 4 letter combinations .com domains. For example

up to….

What we confirmed that all the 4 letter domains are registered. We haven’t tried numbers, dashes or IDN’s, just 26 letters of the English alphabet. This takes us to 456.976 combinations, or domains.

Does that mean there are no 4 letter domains? Absolutely not! After all, it’s been a few years that all those domains were taken, we just wanted to be sure nothing changed, and we wanted to test our API. There are millions of 4 letter domains on other TLD’s beside .com. Also, there are a lot of .com domains if you include numbers and dashes. But most importantly, there are places where you can buy 4 letter .com domains. Here are 3 places where you can find them.

1. Domain marketplace

You probably heard of domain marketplace. Sedo, Snapnames, Godaddy auctions, Flippa, Namecheap or any other domain marketplace. It’s kind of like eBay that specializes in domain sales on the aftermarket.

2. Domain forums

There are forums that specialize in domaining, and you will probably find good four letter domain names over there. Try DNForum, Namepros, and even Web Hosting Talk

3. Classifieds

I’ve seen domains advertised and sold on local classifieds, craigslist and on eBay. So there’s a good chance you can find it there as well.

Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO of WhoAPI with decade of experience in business development, online marketing strategy in the hosting and domain industry.

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How to check if a domain name is available or not?

I can’t remember how many people told me that a certain domain is available for registration, and when I asked them to tell me how they checked, they reply: Google. That is not the proper way to check if domain name is available for registration. If the domain is not showing up on Google, it simply means it wasn’t yet indexed by Google! Also, if you type a domain name in your address bar (in your browser), and nothing opens up, maybe hosting wasn’t setup, but the domain name may still be registered.

How do you check if a domain name is available or not?

How to check if .me is available for registration

First of all, it depends on the TLD (top level domain). If it’s a .com it’s more simple because every domain registrar supports that TLD and it’s easy. If it’s a TLD with several policies and laws  (like Croatian .hr) then it’s a different ball game. Even if it is available for registration, you have to be Croatian to buy one.

The best place to check is the corresponding registrar.

How to check if a .IO domain name is available or not?

For example, if you want to register a .io check If you want to check a .hr domain, go to If you want to check .me, open This is a best place to check because there’s a lesser chance these guys are front running (like some unknown domain checker, whois info service).

You can’t really buy domain names at these places, so you have to find a registry where you can register that domain.

Goran Duskic

I am the founder and CEO of WhoAPI with decade of experience in business development, online marketing strategy in the hosting and domain industry.

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