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Web hosting company Hostinger review

Like many others, I’ve decided to use one of many Black Friday offers. I think this is absolutely the best time to try one of the web hosting providers. Too bad for me I have a huge list of companies I want to try, so I’ve been doing that for years. Sometimes I keep using that same provider, and sometimes I just cancel the subscription when the renewal time is up. Since I ran a small web hosting business back from 2006 and sold it in 2011 people often ask me for recommendations, opinions. Often times I attend web hosting conferences such as WorldHostingDays (now rebranded as Cloudfest). Not to mention I do own several personal websites, besides operating on WhoAPI. So, plenty of reasons for me to check out potential web hosting companies and write this Hostinger review.

Sign up process on

The signup process is really simple! Click on the “Get Started” button in order to, guess what? Start the order process. Yes, it’s that’s simple and it doesn’t get any harder. By default, they add a two-year subscription to your cart which you can remove. But it’s not uncommon to purchase 3 years in advance either. Right now they have a massive 65% discount on 36 monthly plans.  Saving $207 in the process. Nice! Good stuff doesn’t end there. You also get a free domain name and SSL certificate. I’ll go into the details of the package later, but these 3 perks I had to mention right away. 65% discount is active for two more days, so better hurry up.

I got an SSL certificate for free

You are probably going to need a domain name anyway, so the free one is helpful. With the latest Google update, SSL certificates seem to improve your website position. Besides, you want to provide your website visitors with the best experience. In the future Chrome browser will warn users they are not on a secured website (if the SSL is not installed). That’s why I think it’s really cool they include one for free.

What web hosting package did I chose?

I decided to take their professional web hosting package because I want to host as many websites as I need to. I also like the fact my websites will be on an SSD disk. Since I am not your average newbie first-time user, I wasn’t interested in the business web hosting package that has the Deluxe Live Support. Besides, I don’t own that many personal websites. Also, I didn’t want to worry about the number of FTP users, email accounts, MySQL databases, and bandwidth. I can’t believe some companies still limit their packages that way. Anyway, I was happy to see Hostinger doesn’t do that. They really try to speak your language, also in a literal way. If you are not reading this from the United States, check if they are in your country! They have localized their service in 39 countries.

Hostinger review - around the world

Hostinger review – around the world

What about the server location?

I know what you are thinking, cause I was thinking the same thing. If they are around the world, where are the servers? Once you complete your order you have 4 locations to chose from: Netherlands, UK, North America and Singapore for Asia and Oceania. If you haven’t already, look at your Google Analytics traffic numbers. Check where the majority of your traffic is coming from, and there you have it. Pick the location closest to that. Don’t let the location fool you, hundreds of factors determine the website load speed. So, do pick the closest location, but also optimize your website as much as possible. Update your WordPress, optimize your images, optimize your code, update your WordPress plugins and I better stop here.

Is it hard to get going with Hostinger and control my progress?

Hostinger has a very simple control panel (if you ever logged into cPanel, you are good to go). Here you can add subdomains, emails, FTP users, access PHP my Admin, you name it. I can’t predict if you are into some advanced mumbo-jumbo, but the standard actions are listed here. For any advanced actions you may need, you are probably going to have to check with their support. On the other hand, if you just want to install WordPress and hit the ground running, that couldn’t be easier. As soon as you finish your setup, before you even log in to the control panel, Hostinger offers you some options (image below). And there’s a giant yellow button “Install WordPress”. Just click that and follow the steps.

Hostinger review - Easy WordPress installation

Hostinger review – Easy WordPress installation

Hostinger review conclusion

I would say Hostinger is a great solution provider that’s been in the industry (under different names) since 2004. Hostinger brand was created in 2011. Their prices are affordable compared to other industry leaders but with the Black Friday offer, it’s really a no-brainer. Who should really look into this offer? Let’s say you have a personal website, money making blog, small to a medium company website. For a larger project, you should check out their VPS offer, although I haven’t tried it.

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Founder and CEO of WhoAPI Inc. Goran Duskic is an internet entrepreneur since 2006. He co-founded and sold several online ventures, including a web hosting company.


  • harshareddy
    March 1, 2018

    hostinger “the demigod for all hosting platforms” this is what i can say about it as i have became a fan
    for this platform due to their customer service .As i have been customer since an year
    i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my site(
    it comprises of a great customised cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,awardspace,appohosting..
    definitely a great experience and i certainly recommend it.


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