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Whois requests / month 86,400 345,600 1,296,000
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Our APIs transform raw domain data into machine readable outputs.

Click on the API for a more detailed view, with instructions on how to use the function and the output.

Our APIs are RESTful based APIs. Communication is made through a normal HTTP requests.

Requests are made as strings using HTTP GET method. All outputs are provided as a JSON formatted response.

API Documentation
Whois API icon


Structured and parsed raw WHOIS data such as domain registration & expiry date, owner contact details, nameservers, registrar information etc.

How to use
Blacklist API icon


Status of domain name and it's IP address on all the popular email blacklists.

How to use
SSL API icon


Detailed domain Secure Sockets Layer information.

How to use
Domain availability API icon

Domain availability

Check domain availability for registration.

How to use
Ranks API icon


Domain rank on popular systems like Moz rank, Moz domain authority and Alexa.

How to use
Meta API icon


Domain content meta tags: title&description.

How to use
Social API icon


Domain name availability status on popular social networks.

How to use
Screenshot API icon


This website screenshot API delivers domain website screenshot in actual full vertical size and a website thumbnail.

How to use
Hostname API icon

Host name

Get domain/server hostname.

How to use
Geolocation API icon

GEO Location

Domain or IP geolocation.

How to use
DNS zone API icon

DNS Zone

Complete DNS Zone record in a structured JSON.

How to use

Important Notice

Please read the API documentation before you start using our APIs in production.
The API key used in these examples is for demonstrative purposes and can be used only to check the domain name whoapi.com!

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