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How we set
out to create the perfect WhoAPI use case

With we set out to build a suite of tools that are using as many WhoAPI APIs as possible. Not only have we succeeded in that, but we also built a useful tool! With over 7000 signups, and title of ``Product of the day`` on Product Hunt, we can proudly say, mission accomplished. That's not all, the story of is still going and growing, so we invite you to see for yourself. Here you can read about some of the features and benefits of suite of tools, but why not try them yourself! The tools are free to use for up to 3 websites and 10 domain names. You can check it out with the button below.
Website downtime? Expired SSL? Expired domain? Sometimes it seams the problems never end. By the time it's over, the client changes their nameserver, and you find out about it after months. Not anymore! With you know when bad things start to happen with the website you are tracking. And if the client leaves you (changes their nameserver or domain registrar) we also let you know. If your are doing a good job, and Domain Authority and number of backlinks are improving, we also notify you.

Website Monitoring

In it's easy to start website monitoring. When you do start to track downtime, we also monitor your domain, SSL certificate, website load speed, email blacklist, and more! Average downtime costs vary considerably across industries, from approximately $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages. That's why uptime is so crucial!

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Tracking registrar and web hosting change has never been easier. If you are managing more than a few websites and domain names we imagine you would want to know when a certain domain name changes registrars or web hosting providers? Now you can! Just add the domain name you want to track, and start the monitoring process with a simple click of the button. Nameserver and MX changes becomes very important on those rare occasions when you are making a migration to another hosting provider. This info will come in handy if you are a web design agency and want to see when you clients change providers!


Have you ever wondered if that domain name will become available for registration, but didn't want to pay for backorder just to find out? Now you can add it to DomainWatch, and get notified when it does. Not to mention, you can add the domains you own, so that you don't get on that list of famous domain expirations!

APIs we used, and how they help Webmaster.Ninja users

Screenshot API

Periodically takes a full website screenshot or a thumbnail.


Checks the expiration date of an SSL certificate

Whois API

Checks various domain name information like expiration dates

Geolocation API

Detects location from an IP address, anywhere in the World

Website health

Gives the user the ability to see that the website is loading properly.

Website security

The website owner is rest assured that their website is secured.

Informed owner

Website owner is informed about their domain names and website.

Better user experience

With the user's location we are able to provide better experience.

Website Investors | Website Management

Website monitoring is not a new concept, even with additional monitoring features that we were one of the first to integrate. Website downtime is the de facto standard, and email blacklist monitoring, SSL expiration monitoring, website load speed monitoring were a part of our regular feature set from the start!

But we knew this is not going to be enough to get attention. This is why we went one step further and decided to create a suite of tools that will assist website investors and professionals who own several websites as a side hustle. We integrated our dashboard with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google AdSense.