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Bulk tool 1,000 10,000 100,000
Website monitoring 10 domains 40 domains 150 domains
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We are moving Webmaster Ninja away from whoapi.com to a separate website.

Please visit Webmaster.Ninja and signup there! Thank you for your understanding.

What's included in Webmaster.Ninja tools?

We would love to work with you and help you monitor your domains, websites and find the domain data you are looking for.

Having said that, we are prepared to be bold and give you a full refund if you feel we haven’t delivered on our promise! That’s how much we would love to work with you in making a better Internet. We hope this sparked courage inside you, and that you are prepared to take the leap and sign up. Below is a list of what is included.

Website monitoring

Website downtime? Expired SSL? Expired domain? Sometimes it seams the problems never end. By then the client changes their nameserver, and you find out about it after months. Not anymore!

We give you a chance, and let you know when bad things start to happen with the website you are tracking. And if the client leaves you (changes their nameserver or domain registrar) we also let you know. If your are doing a good job, and Moz DA or Alexa are improving, we also notify you.

Website and domain monitoring
Whois bulk checker

Bulk tool

WhoAPI's bulk checker allows you to enter as many domain names as you need, in order to get the data we have. We can get whois information (including dates, addresses, nameservers, etc), SSL certificate date of expiration and Alexa rank / Moz rank. We also provide export in CSV.

Domain manager

Our domain manager lets you manage all your domain names in a whole new way. It gives you a great overview of your domain / website portfolio or your client's portfolio.

You can enter up to 100 domains and track expiration dates, nameservers in order to see where the domains are pointed, number of links and Alexa rank / Moz rank if you have a hard time deciding if a particular domain name is worth renewing. You can see where you need to renew it, and under which email. That's not all, you can also see when your SSL is about to expire, and what exactly is going on with your homepage with a daily updated screenshot.

Domain manager
Website backup with Dropmysite

Website backup with DropMySite!

WhoAPI has partnered with the most advanced and comprehensive Backup Service for Websites & Databases, Dropmysite! We did this because we were aware that 30,000 websites are hacked every day, and 10,000 of them are blacklisted by Google as a result of malware.

There is only one solution, backup by DropMySite, and you have it if you get one of our Webmaster Ninja packages. With DropMySite you also get malware, Google blacklist, and website downtime notifications.

Domain checker

WhoAPI domain checker is a domain checker you probably never saw. It allows you to come up with hundreds of domain names with keyword combinations you picked! This eliminates thousands of pointless suggestions that are a waste of time and money!

How many times have you registered a domain name that was recommended by a tool, only to let it drop a year later? If you pick meaningful keywords, the combinations and the domain name will also be meaningful.

WhoAPI domain checker
Domain availability checks

Website checker

If you want to do a good old fashioned domain name lookup with some advanced features, then our Website checker is the way to go. You can quickly see what the home page looks like (with our website screenshot), where the website is hosted, or if the domain name is available for registration.

We will check four extensions at the same time com, net, me and co simultaneously.

Domain report

Do you need an overview of technical information for your domain or your client's domain name? If so, we can create a beautiful report in PDF that you can include in your executive summary or as a section of a much larger report that you are sending to your client, or that you plan to use in-house for strategic planing.

Domain data report

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