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Website downtime notification

Average downtime costs vary considerably across industries, from approximately $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages.

In contrast, some companies, such as online retailers, cannot conduct any business during system downtime. That's why uptime is so crucial!

Domain and SSL expiration

If domain expirations can happen to Microsoft, Foursquare, and large banks, then there’s a good chance it can happen to you too.

Unintentional domain expirations happen every day, don’t let that be you. It’s the same with SSL certificates! Please value your clients' data security, and your company will profit from it.

Registrar and owner change

If you are managing more than a few websites we imagine you would want to know when a certain domain name changes registrars or owners? Now you can!

Just add the domain name you want to track, and start the monitoring process with a simple click of the button.

Alexa and Moz Rank

You don’t have to check your analytics or tools every day for every website that you manage.

We will notify you with a weekly progress report, and when your Alexa, Moz rank or Moz domain authority go up or down. We understand that as a business owner you are interested only in the numbers.

NS and MX change

Nameserver and MX changes become very important on those rare occasions when you are making a migration to another hosting provider, or when your client leaves you. If you think checking this isn’t your job, you are probably right.

But if you want to be on top of things and track changes so that you have a better understanding of what’s going on, this info will come in handy. Especially if you are a hosting company or a web design agency and want to see when you clients change providers!

Jacques Erasmus

CIO at King Inc.

"We use WhoAPI to identify and generate indicators of compromise for further investigation and is an essential datapoint."

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