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WhoAPI console check tool

We are moving Domain Report away from to a separate website.

Please visit Webmaster.Ninja and signup there! Thank you for your understanding.

Extensive report on any domain name

Our domain reports give you a great snapshot of all domain data we could gather at that very moment.

Domain data like owner information, hosting information, domain dates (registration, expiration) and many other.

Domain report
Live domain data

Live and actual information

We don't show you old and cached information, so you get live and actual status of our domain name.

This means that you get a current screenshot of the website, current whois information, current hosting information. Our domain report delivers what's "NOW", not what "was".

Spring cleaning your domains

Do you really know what is going on with all the domain names you are hosting?

Are they still pointed to the right nameservers? Are they still loading? Are they redirected? We don't blame you, it's hard when you have so many of them... We can help you with our tool and our domain report.

Spring cleaning your domains
Send reports to your clients

Working with clients?

We all know clients love reports, and there's a good reason for that. With our domain report, you can send your clients a great snapshot of what's going on.

This is especially helpful if you are a hosting company, and web development company or a SEO company.

Oliver Keyes

Oliver Keyes

Human-Computer Interaction researcher
at Wikimedia

"WhoAPI provides a tremendously valuable service – machine-readable WHOIS! We’re doing automatic checks of domain squatting around our trademarks."

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