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Hostname API

default parameters description
r type of the request, in this case: hostname
apikey your private unique api key
function parameters description
domain full domain name, including the tld e.g.
ip specify direct IP to check; we usually resolve IP from domain name; this parameter overrides domain name
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Host name

Get domain/server hostname.

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Let's make an example request:
Output in JSON format:
    "ip": "",
    "basedomain": "",
    "hostname": ""

Hostname API use case

What is the fastest way to get a domain’s IP address, host name, and base domain? It’s by using Hostname API, and this comes especially handy if you are doing large-scale research (like mapping out the entire Internet). Maybe the Hostname API isn’t the most attractive API out there, but it sure comes in handy combined with some of our other APIs!

Hostname API Pricing

Request limit Standard Professional Enterprise
10 / min 50 / min 150 / min
Approximately requests 432,000 / month 2,160,000 / month 6,480,000 / month
Hostname information Check icon Check icon Check icon
Basedomain and IP Check icon Check icon Check icon
Money back guarantee Check icon Check icon Check icon
Console Check icon Check icon Check icon
Hostname API $49 / Month
$499 / Year
$199 / Month
$1999 / Year
$499 / Month
$4999 / Year
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