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Geolocation API

Below you can see a list of features for our Geolocation API.

Personalization and filters

Enhance your website with a personalized sign up page or filter your content according to the IP address. Detect where the visitors are coming from, and offer products or languages tailored to their location. It has never been easier to build location aware websites and applications. With a simple API request get access to one of the largest geolocation IP databases in the world.

IP and domain name geolocation

With our Geolocation API apart from checking the location of your users, you can also check the location of the server where the domain name is hosted. Any domain name. IP address is still IP address, but we thought it was worth pointing it out, because the use case is entirely different!

Security and fraud detection

Remember when your credit card company called you on your phone because you used the credit card in a different country? Why not do the same online with your website? If you are struggling with fake credit card payments, why not compare location on credit card details with the IP address?

Here to serve you

If you have an idea how to improve our Geolocation API, we would love to do so! Contact us with your company's needs, and we will gladly upgrade our solution in order to deliver the solution you are looking for All API requests can be whitelisted from preselected IP addresses, and sent over HTTPS. For long term commitments we offer discounts.

We use WhoAPI to identify and generate indicators of compromise for further investigation. The information they provide are an essential datapoint.

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