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by Goran Duskic » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:03 am

Any thoughts on the new domain extensions? Did you see any great ones? I am actually considering purchasing one premium (so they say) with a new extension, .ninja. But the price is $349.99 for one year. The price does go down considerably if you purchase for 3 or 5 years, but then the total is close to $600, so I am having second thoughts.

The domain on .ninja might make sense for my second book, so it would be an investment. My second option is to go with something like ""... Obviously I have to be more creative than that. It's a good thing the book has a broad topic on domains, hosting, online marketing and web, and I've written "only" 25,000 words, so I can still make a turn in any direction. It's just a matter of demand and what the people are really looking for.

Right now the working title is "How to start and sell a hosting business", and below are the chapters. Have in mind that some of them I already have written, and some I might leave out, or I might add some depending on the demand, domain I chose or the keywords people are looking for on Google.

Starting an online business
    Choosing a (domain) name
    Jumpstart your brand
    Building a website
    Installing a CRM with payment gateway system

Starting a hosting business
    Which server provider to choose
    Which domain provider to choose
    Your product, your magic
    Biggest challenges

Leads to Sales
    Getting traffic with AdWords
    Getting traffic with SEO
    Getting traffic with Social Media
    How to work the forums
    Lead generation with White Papers
    Lead generation with webinars
    Lead generation with seminars
    Copywriting basics
    Blogging for hosting companies
    Newsletter for hosting companies
    Great salesman called A/B testing

    Learn basic coding
    Learn basic web design
    How to deal with plugins on bloated sites
    How to deal with downtime
    How to deal with hackers

Life of a hoster
    How to deal with stress
    Time management and priorities
    Kaizen mindset

Running a business
    Starting a company
    Outsourcing the things you don't know
    Your reinforcements
    Conferences and networking
    How to do support
    Money transactions
    Upselling and cross-selling
    Risks and advantages of buying a smaller hosting business
    How to sell your hosting business

Interviews with founders who started and sold their hosting business
Interview with Thomas Vollrath (this interview I already have, and I have a list of prospects)

Any thoughts?
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