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[UPDATED ON: 3rd November 2017]
Q. What TLD's do you support?[/b]

A. We support almost all popular TLDs. Full list of TLDs supported by our service you can find here:

Q. How many WHOIS calls can I make in a month?

A. It depends on the package you upgrade. Complete list of packages can be found here -

Q. Hello, I\'m interested in using your product - is there a limitation with your monthly plans on total amount of queries sent, or is it unlimited and just gated by time?

A. Number of queries sent is not unlimited, and is set by package you have paid for. If the package you are on allows 100,000 in a month, you can make a total of 100,000 requests that month.

Q. I\'m trying to add my company VAT number but your form keeps saying my VAT number is invalid. Actually, it is valid, it is {YOUR VAT NUMBER} , you can check it here:

A. If for some reason the system still doesn't accept your VAT ID, please contact us and we will set it manually for you.

Q. I have upgraded my WhoAPI plan to a paid package.
Do we need to make any changes API-wise?

A. No, you don't need to make any changes. As long as your API key remains the same (package upgrade doesn't impact the API key), you don't have to make any changes.

Q. Hello! We would like to our renew standard plan for a year. Will there be any discount for a yearly payment?

A. Yes, of course! We offer 20 % discount for an annual contract!

Q. I\'ve noticed that your availability checker will return incorrect results for domains that are in a holding state: - according to WHOIS, this is in a redemption period that is not registrable; your Domain availability API says it is available. - it is expired and in a pending delete state, but is not registrable, your Domain availability API says it is.

A. This means that this WHOIS server is not parsed, or introduced to WhoAPI system and that is the reason for that message. We are working hard to improve our Domain Availability API in the future.

Q. What sort of delay or caching does your Domain availability API check have?

A. None. We don't cache your API requests or store anything, all the domain availability API data is live. As far as our whois API is concerned we do cache data. The number of days the cache is old changes, so ti is better to contact us for a correct answer.
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