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by Goran Duskic » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:58 am

We recently released our new website design, after working very hard to find the right combination of content, user experience combining our personal touch.

The prices for our API did go up, and it will allow us to invest more in improving the API, the development of new services and content that we publish on our blog and newsletter.

Although our company is not a part of the open movement like Buffer, so we don't share all our information publicly, I can guarantee you that a large portion of the money that comes in, goes back into improving the product and your experience as our client.

Old clients = old prices
To all you that are already subscribed to WhoAPI, fear not, you will keep your old package under the old pricing. On behalf of WhoAPI team and our families I can't tell you how much I am grateful to have you as a client, and that you allowed us to be your provider in such an early stage of our company life cycle. To pay tribute to that, I am happy to announce that some of our clients are still paying $9 for packages that provide more queries than today's package for $49!

New clients = Better service
Some of you that are new to the WhoAPI may feel that you got a bad deal. But honestly you didn't. Our service has improved a lot since the $9 Basic package, and we definitely had some rough times back then. But as our service and products are becoming more refined, so are our prices. We never intended to compete on price, but on providing more value to you, our client. If you are not getting your money's worth, tell us what will.

You can probably see by now that with the new design we are turning a new page in our history, not just with a new team and new products but with a new philosophy. With all that "newness", I would also like to wish you a happy new year!
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