Top 10 ways of reaching new web hosting clients

by Branimir » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:09 pm

At a time when the market can find hundreds of thousands of different web hosting providers, users that are looking for accommodation for their website are becoming to be confused. This is the main reason for a growing problem for web hosting companies such as finding new web hosting clients.

Web hosting is regarded as a business where money falls from the sky, people who move into business move because of the thought of “easy money”, but I tell you from personal experience, I say that it is not so. Web hosting is a difficult job that requires a lot of effort, patience, nerve and knowledge.

Here we bring you some, mostly free, methods to reach new web hosting clients.

1. Find your target group

First of all, when you go to work, depending on the amount of knowledge and capital, it is important to find your niche target group. You cannot initially offer all possible hosting services that you know yourself because you cannot endure it all yourself as a beginner. Define your niche, your target group which will be converted and will use your services. This is a recipe for success.

2. High quality and easy-look website

Companies generally want to make their website look über-cool with a lot of different flash animation, sounds, background, videos, photo gallery, etc., and there comes a problem. Visitors are not looking for such websites. Visitors are looking for simply designed sites that serve a purpose. Good design is simple and clear – no animation, sounds, and all that I have listed above. The website gives the first impression about a company. In the case of online business it is therefore important that your visitor or potential customer receives positive opinion from the start. It is difficult to expect that you can pay a professional designer who will design for you a unique website, but I recommend to take a look at sites like ThemeForest, etc., where you can find high-quality designs at very low prices which is perfect for the beginning.

3. Participation in forums

One of the best ways to attract customers is to actively participate in relevant forums. Doing so you need to be careful that your posts are not useless like “cheap web hosting – check it out” etc.. but that they contain quality content pointed out to the reader that you know what you’re talking about. Also, you should put in their way the signature and a link to the web page of your web hosting company. Of course, if the forum rules allow it. My recommendation for this kind of advertising is WebHostingTalk forum in which there are sections to directly advertise your hosting service. With this system of advertising, you will not only get good publicity, but also inbound links to your website which will fix reputation in the search engines.

4. Leading a blog

Potential clients, but also current ones, like to see the company they work with really knows their job, and this will be achieved by taking a blog and writing about topics related to web hosting. Show that you know your job, share your knowledge with others. This will attract new users as useful and interesting blog articles will be shared on social networks, forums, etc.

5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve chosen a good name, rented a server, designed a simple and clear website, it is necessary to do the SEO. Since SEO is something that you probably will not know how to do well yourself, at the very beginning choose a company to do this for you. When choosing a company that will do the SEO I suggest to make sure that it is a company which stresses that SEO is a process, not a one-time service. SEO is the process for the reason that the content of the website changes, changing positions on the search engines and single service that is a one-time optimization can not forever maintain the results achieved. Today, you are the first, fifth tomorrow, and for a month you are out of the search engine and the first 100 results.

6. Social media marketing

Once you start a business, it is important to create profiles on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and become active in them. Create interesting and useful content. Do not be aggressive sellers that non-stop post the link to your website in the status, but create interesting content associated with hosting. Create infographics, place the datacenter’s image, etc. I suggest you initially read the contents available on the Internet on social media marketing on sites like SocialMediaToday and other, later, if you are able, then hire a social media agency to work off for you this part of the job in the best way possible.

7. Listing site in directories

Another great way to promote the application of web hosting companies in various web directories like WebHostDir. The general directories will not produce a great deal of targeted traffic but they will build your back links and help you with some general traffic.

8. Local networking

Advertising in your area is old school sales tool, but still effective. Explore the companies that are in your environment, try to contact them and arrange a meeting. Present them your business, what you offer and tell them exactly why they should use your hosting service to accommodate corporate website. While researching and contacting various companies, you will certainly reach new contacts and spread the news about your hosting company and increase the possibility that any of them will continue to recommend your company.

9. Sponsoring other websites

Find a few websites that by your opinion have quality content, contact them and try to arrange collaboration. The vast majority owner of the website does not have much money for a hosting solution so that they will come in handy for you, and in return you will get a campaign that you use to increase the possibility of finding new customers. This method is effective as well as other I specified based on my experience. Of course, you really have to put in a lot of work and do everything properly.

10. Recommendations of satisfied clients

Good news travels fast, is an old proverb. When you get the first few clients, make sure they are happy and satisfied with your services because they are the biggest advertisement for your business. If the client is satisfied, he will continue recommending you to their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. It is by far the most effective and best method of advertising. Also, I suggest that current customers get the ability to profit by the partner program. Give them a transit for each service sold. They will make something, and you will surely get great publicity and increase the number of clients.
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