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Do you have documentation on the meanings of the score scale and description values in WhoAPI's Domain Score API?

Domain Score API page
WhoAPI API Documentation

-1 or "none" represents the state when the score is not yet ready. In other words, if you see those responses you should make another request later.

Our scoring system is from -100 to +100. Below 0 are very rare. Domain score consists of the data we gather with our APIs + a rating model that's our own algorithm. For example, domain age, owner location, Alexa, domain extension, SSL, to name a few. It is still in beta, but we use it ourselves on a daily basis, so we are improving it every month as we go.

Here is more on how we use it on a daily basis. Or just check the screenshot below.

Our Domain Score API isn't a threat analysis tool, we can't say a domain is "bad". We don't take into account malware, virus, phishing intrusions. We don't check the background of the domain owner, and we don't cross-reference this domain with other domains from this same owner. In March 2018, we lack the ability to rate a domain name negatively and precisely.

Think of our API as a great way of finding out if the domain is extremely reputable (meaning,,, or with a very low reputation (think of a new domain hosted in a poor country with no traffic).
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