What if I don't use my entire package?

by WhoAPI » Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:22 am

Questions: What if I don't use my entire package?
Answer: We operate similarly to a telecom company. In a telecom company, you can make a certain amount of phone calls, browse the Internet and send SMS. If you don't use your entire plan, it is then lost. Hosting companies operate on this same basis, if you don't use all your bandwidth or storage this month, it is not transferred to your next month. "If you don't use it, you lose it." So it goes with our APIs. If your plan has 100,000 requests, and you don't use all of them this month, they are not transferred to your next month.

Questions: Why don't you transfer unused requests to the next month?
Answer: One of the reasons is, you can always scale down to a lower package. Currently, our lowest package starts at $16. If this is too expensive for you we are not the right solution for your needs. Second reason is you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalties, and there is no cost in setting up an account. Third reason is sort of self-evident, but we need to provide an explanation. Our service doesn't provide only "requests", we provide support, administration and website for your convenience, send invoices, we have bank expenses, web hosting, we upgrade the service, etc.
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