How to find great geotargeted domains [video]

by WhoAPI » Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:09 pm

In this video we explained how you can find great geotargeted domains by using WhoAPI domain checker (WDC for short).

The tool helps you combine two or three sets of keywords, and connects them, mixes them, and checks them for domain availability. For example, let's say you are planing a hackathon, or a conference in the city of Oakland:

First set of keywords:
USA, California, Oakland

Second set of keywords:
API, developers, javascript

WDC would check a total of 9 domains:

Very quickly you get a lot of targeted and interesting .com domains, that don't have misinterpretations that only machine can make. This way, all the domains are related to the keywords you picked! Some might have more sense than others, some might be taken, but some will be free for registration!
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