Naming your Startup? Don't Stress Regarding the Domain Name!

by Branimir » Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:29 pm

Many entrepreneurs worry about their company's web address when choosing its name. If we listen to some startup veterans, that might be a mistake.

Aaron Patzer built his company into a $170 million business in just two years. How did he do it? He has partly credited the company's short and memorable domain name,

"Trust is a complex thing. There are some people you will never convince, and who to this day won't buy anything online. A few things really help. One is the domain name. is quality, it's a place where money is made, it's short and spelled unambiguously. It's a very good brand name for what we're doing. We spent three months, hundreds of hours, and more money than I care to comment on for that domain - but it was worth it," he explained in an interview for

"Offhand, who do you trust more: or (I made that name up, but it shocks me how little most Web 2.0 companies pay attention to their name - they misspell, have long/cheap domain names, and lose trust because of it)," he added.

Patzer is not alone with his fixation on a high quality domain name. Many entrepreneurs put a lot of weight on what domain name they can acquire when they're deciding what to name their new business. But there isn't unanimous agreement in the startup community about the importance of the right web address.

Many successful startups had a temporary domain naime, or still have a different domain name to their name. For example: DropBox was, Facebook was, Instagram was and Twitter was

When we take a look at that, we could just suggest that you pick a great name and then add something to get a domain name. It doesn't matter all that much if you have the right thing to offer.

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