5 all time domain expirations

by WhoAPI » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:38 am

Each time we tell someone domain expirations are still a problem and an issue, 99% of the people don't understand why is that a problem. Usually they respond with a question such as: "Doesn't the registrar send warning emails?".

The registrar does send warning emails, but what if there's something wrong with the email address? Maybe the person is locked out of it, or the domain name where the email is expired. Or maybe the person responsible left the company, and the email was turned off. Maybe the company rebranded, and the old domain + email address was deleted. Or maybe the person didn't have the money (I heard that one as well).

So there are many scenarios why this can happen. Here are the TOP 5.
http://whoapi.com/blog/1582/5-all-time- ... s-history/
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