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Screenshot API

default parameters description
r type of the request, in this case: screenshot
apikey your private unique api key
function parameters description
domain full domain name, including the tld e.g.
fullurl complete URL; ignores the domain parameter; takes a screenshot of a website page
Screenshot API icon


This website screenshot API delivers domain website screenshot in actual full vertical size and a website thumbnail.

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Let's make an example request:
Output in JSON format:
    "full_size": "http:\/\/\/tmp\/e0dddcfa02522f28ea79c5126a24882d.jpg",
    "thumbnail": "http:\/\/\/tmp\/e0dddcfa02522f28ea79c5126a24882d_th.jpg",
    "expires": "2012-12-13 23:45 GMT",
    "size": "1024x1005"

Screenshot API use case

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed more than one pair of eyes? Looking into millions of website can be time consuming, to say the least, so why not do it programmatically? Especially if you need a website screenshot or a thumbnail!

You can tell so much just by glancing at a small thumbnail! You can see if there’s a complete website, or just ads provided by domain registrar. You can see if the colors are bright or dark. You can see if there’s a menu, or just a logo.

Screenshot API Pricing

Request limit Standard Professional Enterprise
10 / min 50 / min 150 / min
Approximately requests 432,000 / month 2,160,000 / month 6,480,000 / month
Full size website screenshot Check icon Check icon Check icon
Thumbnail website screenshot Check icon Check icon Check icon
Money back guarantee Check icon Check icon Check icon
Console Check icon Check icon Check icon
Screenshot API $49 / Month
$499 / Year
$199 / Month
$1999 / Year
$499 / Month
$4999 / Year
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