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You still don’t have your own domain name? Register it, now.

Today, when everything is about the Internet, where communication takes place online, not having your own personalized domain name is unacceptable. The worst that can happen is to use the domain name and e-mail associated with your work place. For example, if you have an opportunity to get in touch with some important people  and you give them contact e-mail such as: they might think that right from the start you want to emphasize a company that you work for, and for that reason you want to get in contact with this person. On the other hand, address such as sounds unprofessional so you have to be careful with choosing domain name.

If you are lnterested ln a more detail course on how to setup a profesionall email address, check it out here.

Own domain name, WhoAPI

One of the reasons for holding your own domain name is that you probably will not keep the same job forever , so if everyone has an email address of your company you are working for, you might lose contact with them after losing that account.

How can I check if the domain I prefer is available for registration?

To check whether the desired domain is available, you can use our free online service that allows you that. Our website checker checks whether the domain is free to register in a few mouse clicks. Or you can create a free WhoAPI account, and use our bulk tool, whois API or domain availability API.

What if the preferred domain is already taken?

If your name is, for example, John – you have no luck. It is very likely for domain with your name and any other frequent name in the US is already registered. WhoAPI made ​​a study that proves that all domains with 3 or 4 characters are not available for registration, but some of them can be bought at auctions for a very high price.  This means that you need to be creative and come up with a domain that will contain your name or nickname. If domain .com is not available , try with other extensions such as .net, .info, .name ,etc.

Where to register your domain?

I recommend you to choose one of the official  ICANN Accredited Registrars because it is the safest choice.  You probably don’t want hosting company to steal your website and domain name about what you can read more here. Furthermore, we’ve written an extensive review and wrote our recommendation where is the best place to register your domain names.

Written by Branimir Grabovac

Branimir founded a hosting company when he was 15 and sold it three years later to one of the biggest Croatian hosting companies. Branimir has 3+ years of experience in business development and more then 8 years of experience in web design and programming.

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