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WhoAPI introduces Free domain API!

This post was originally introduced back on April fools in 2013. Since people still read this page, but fail to see the date, I’ve decided to rewrite the entire article to reflect the current state.

FreeDomainAPI.com was originally intended as an April fools joke back in 2013, but one month after the joke, we published the real-deal. A few years later, it became harder to support millions of requests that were being made. It didn’t help that many users were registering more than one time (some hundreds of times) to game the system. We thought that this wasn’t fair to us, or to other users! After several different failed attempts to stop this, and without resource to support it, we’ve decided to introduce a minimal one-time access fee. We thought that this was a better option compared to completely shutting down the service.

However, with this fee people are now leaving hateful comments saying this is false advertising. I can understand $9 payment doesn’t make something free, but it allows you to make millions of requests. So, we will stop saying these requests are free, but keep the domain name freedomainapi.com.

With that being said, years later we could no longer support the free API. Or, should we say the $9 “all-you-can-make requests” API. As of 13th November 2020., we are shutting down this website. The users that paid for this access years ago, will get complimentary 100,000 requests in order to make the transition easier.

New HTTP request URL

In the past, the old HTTP request for domain availability check on freedomainapi.com was:


This is no longer working! You need to log in to whoapi.com, get your new API key, and make requests to the following URL:


How can this domain API help you?

Finding a great domain has never been easier. Are you looking to uncover unique industry related domains? Use this domain API, and make millions of queries for a minimal one-time access fee! That’s right. If you want to check a complete English, French, Italian or any other dictionary against any gTLD or ccTLD like .com, .net, .org, .me or .co, not a problem!

Registration is simple and easy. You can start making queries in a matter of minutes.

Free domain API

Free domain API

If you go to the website, right now, you can get access to this unique, revolutionary whois domain API. You can have unlimited domain availability checks for all your needs with a one-time access fee. This function works great for bulk domain availability tools, SEO strategies, domain investing and many more.

Head over to FreeDomainAPI.com and check it out!

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