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WhoAPI at the conference

What a couple of days! First of all, a huge thank you to Predrag Lesic from .me registrar, and Srdjan Erceg from Webfest for providing us with the 2 tickets.

Day before the event, we were talking and tweeting how bad we felt for not going to Budva in Montenegro for such an awesome event. Thanks to couple of great guys, one e-mail solved that and we were completely mobilized. Right away we found some cheap accommodation (after all, we are still bootstrapping) bought some drinks, food and napped a little bit. At midnight we started our 8 hour drive.

Edi managed to stay up and drive all night with one stop (where we bought coffee and gas). One tip, Edi runs on coffee :D, he is still only human. If you want to meet someone persistent, you should talk to Edi. Anyway, we arrived precisely at the beginning of the event. Wow, what energy at the event! What talks, what people, what presentations. Everything was top notch!

We really put ourselves out there during both days! Two nights in a row, we literally just passed out, luckily on top of bed…

Edi Budimilic, Yong Lee, Goran Duskic
Edi Budimilic, Yong Lee, Goran Duskic

All we had to do was stand in the lobby, Yong Lee (VP of business development & reseller group @ Go Daddy) would pass and we took the chance to talk to him (ok, we took photos as well 🙂 ). We talked about our startup, he gave us some tips, feedback, links and we exchanged business cards. That’s how great it was. Everybody was very open and polite! Earlier he was a guest panelist with Michele Neylon, a CEO of Blacknight, the largest hosting provider in Ireland. We also managed to exchange few words with him as well.

Like that wasn’t enough for us, in the evening was cocktail party at the pool. We met with Jure Mikuž from VC fund RSG Capital (to update him on our progress) and we managed to talk with some Croatian startups like: Spotie, Trikoder, Codeanywhere.

Edi Budimilic from WhoAPI, Tony Conrad from True Ventures, Goran Duskic from WhoAPI and Matt Mullenweg from WordPress
Edi Budimilic from WhoAPI, Tony Conrad from True Ventures, Goran Duskic from WhoAPI and Matt Mullenweg from WordPress

That was just the first day! Day two was even better! Rounds of great talks and remarkable presentations!  We managed to get a photo with Tony Conrad founder of (which was sold to AOL) & partner at VC fund True Ventures and none other that Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and Automattic. Wait a second, this blog is based on WordPress, awesome! 🙂

We also met some awesome startups from Slovenia, Zemanta and Jakob Marovt (product & marketing) @ and Tori Andraž CTO @ Zemanta. Both amazing, positive, ambitious entrepreneurs and above all good people. Such charisma…

We spent the night partying with most of the guys from event. There was such “Silicon Valley” spirit in the air! When we talked with Matt Mullenweg from WordPress and Predrag Lešić from doMEn Ltd. at the club, it totally felt like living the Social network club scene. Club name? Sparta!

After a short sleep we had to drive back, but not before we had our morning coffee with the best view on Dubrovnik. 🙂

Dubrovnik @ Croatia
Dubrovnik @ Croatia

Written by Goran Duskic

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