Things you need to know before registering a domain

Domain registering seems like an easier part of the work you need to do when launching your business online, but there are some things you should be aware of and pay additional attention in the process of registering a domain name.

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There might also be some unscrupulous domain registrars. They could register each name that was entered into their search box! It might work like this: everyone who visited that registrar merely to see whether or not a website name was out there, their possible domain names would be instantly snapped up by the registrar. In contrast to the theory of name front runners, their operation is intended to be a lot of anti-competitive than anything else. In that case, you will be able to still register the name at their price (which is something front runners wouldn’t even offer). However, you could register this domain only with them. No other registrar could enable you to buy that name since as so much as they’re involved, the name has already been bought.

read terms domain

“Terms of Service“ are important! Don’t skip them at any cost. Take your time and read them. They are kind of a virtual contract, and you must read it. Think about real life contracts about selling your house or buying a car. You would definitely read those, wouldn’t you? They can save you money, time and even your domain name. It might seem unrealistic, but better safe than sorry. As said, not all service suppliers play a fair game. They may pack transfer – out charge inside “Terms of Service“ so you would have to pay more cash for changing a supplier. Sometimes, when you make a longer contract to save money, for example registering a domain for three or five years period, providers don’t do their part of job well; they pay registry for only one or two years so you stay short-sleeved. There has historically been a real obstacle with domain crashing and illegitimate domain moves that the “registrar-lock” was created to protect a web site against this. If the registrar lock is ready, no one will transfer your domain away from you.

This can be really a decent issue and best practices embody having this set for all of your domains. The scammer registrars modify it by default once they register or transfer a website for you. This lock will become a true downside for you if it’s turned on and therefore the registrar won’t turn it off, or provide you with the power to turn it on yourself. When you are current or future domain owner, price is not everything you need to think about. You must be aware that smaller price doesn’t mean your future provider can afford to be cheaper. It means that your future provider has other ways of making money. Like using your domain as a pop-up add parking site or pop-under advertisements page. In that case, your domain is just a plain parking spot for all those annoying commercials that jump out of the screen and customers and visitors hate them.

It might cost you more than another domain. You might lose all your visitors because of that. Those commercials often take site visitors to another place, usually unwanted and sometimes they lead them to infected virus sites. You don’t need that, and it’s easy to understand why your potential customers and guests don’t like that. So, if you’re serious about your web site, don’t be penny-pincher when it comes to domain name registration. In the end it is cheaper and safer to pay a regular price to a well recognized domain registrar and to a serious service provider.
In conclusion, it is the oldest adage- you get what you pay for. Cheaper providers are like lottery. They might be fair, but there is no guarantee you will be satisfied with the service. There is no guarantee your domain will stay yours for number of years you paid for. Always read the small letters and „Terms of Service“. They might hide shocking secrets. If you don’t want any risks and you want only the best for your web site, you should be careful and use tested providers. Also, remember, pop-up and pop-under advertisements are boring and useless (for your visitors and you) so make sure they don’t bother anyone. Be smart and choose the best for yourself, your company and your clients!

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